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Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4 Finka Changes: Adrenal Surge buff & Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege's next major update - Operation High Calibre - is almost here and there's a lot to look forward to if you're a Finka main. Although she's only getting a small improvement, it is an important one. There's also going to be some huge HUD changes that should make keeping your team alive a little bit easier. Here's the latest...

RELEASE TIME - When should the update drop?

At the moment, we don't know for certain when Ubisoft's next Siege update is due to release - they haven't confirmed any specifics just yet. However, that doesn't mean we can't work it out.

Operation Crystal Guard was released at the following times - with an hour of Maintenance Downtime on all platforms:

  • PC (Uplay, Steam, Stadia, Luna)
    • Maintenance Time: 06:00 PST / 09:00 EST / 14:00 GMT
  • Xbox (One, Series X, Series S)
    • Maintenance Time: 07:00 PST / 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT
  • PlayStation (4, 5)
    • Maintenance Time: 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT

We should see Operation High Calibre and the Y6S4 update release at a similar time, if not the same time, on November 30th. Keep an eye on Rainbow Six Siege's official social media channels today for more information...

FINKA BUFF - Gadget Rework Explained

Finka's Adrenal Surge - her unique gadget - is going to be getting a small buff in the Y6S4 Operation High Calibre update.

It's going to operate in the same way, but from the next major title update, you will be able to use Finka's Adrenal Surge gadget to pick yourself up from the DBNO (Down But Not Out) state in-game.

This can, of course, only be done if you have an Adrenal Surge charge available.

You can see what we're talking about in action during the High Calibre Reveal video below - it's all happening around the 11:20 mark...

This change to Finka's unique gadget might seem minor, but it will have a huge impact on Siege's gameplay and team compositions. If she's the only healer on your team, you won't need to protect her quite so much as she can get herself back into the fight.

Similarly, Finka players will need to be cautious about using their final Adrenal Surge charge on their teammates. Are they in a bad position? Would that Adrenal Surge charge be better used on yourself if you get knocked into DBNO?

We should see some Designer's Notes detailing the changes soon - Y6S4 is going to be available on the Siege Test Server from November 9th. We should learn more about the viability of this change in the next few days, once people have had time to test it out.

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