Rainbow Six Siege: New Operation Leak, Art, Operators, Map and more!

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From a recent post on the r/Rainbow6 subreddit, we have had our first leak of the possible, map artwork, operators and more!

The Post comes from Reddit user u/UbimanCZSK, a long-time member of the Rainbow 6 community.

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There is no confirmation from Ubisoft as of yet. However, fans have been on the case and think the leak is genuine.


The Leak shows 2
characters standing back to back. One male one female.

Rainbow 6 void edge official art
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VOID EDGE - What do you think the operator's abilities will be?


The colours and artwork
match with other leaks we’ve already fans, leading fans to believe this is most
likely legitimate.

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The previous leak
had links to some sort of breaching device, which seems to be similar to the
art we see in the new image


In the leaked image, we see two operators standing back to back. It’s hard to tell their nationality, but it seems like they are not from the same place.

r6 all characters
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STAND TOGETHER - Fight with 4 other friends to win the game


 It’s more likely they are part of the same
organisation. (Similar to the operators released in Operation Chimera).

Their names are said to be Yana (left) and Oryx (right).

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Oryx’s suspected
ability is to be able to run through walls. The artwork in the image seems to
follow this speculation, as well as previous leaks we’ve seen for the upcoming

As for Yana, we haven’t
had any insight into what her ability may be.

From the artwork, it’s clear she is the defending operator. Her gadget is on her left hand and seems to be some sort of wrist-mounted gun.

We will have to wait for some sort of official reveal from Ubisoft to see what their abilities really are.


There haven’t been any reveals of a map or map rework for the next chapter of Rainbow 6. However, as usual, there will definitely be a new map coming with the next season.

Tactical Map Hereford R6
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TACTICAL MAP - Take a look at Ubisoft's 'tactical map' forHereford Base


We already know
there will be a new map ban system coming to the competitive/ranked playlist.

This will allow players
to vote on maps they don’t want to play on, in the ranked mode.

This is a feature fans have been wanting since Rainbow 6 hit the competitive scene.

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There are also small ‘quality of life’ changes coming, such as the changes to debris glitches.

Battle Pass

With the addition of the ‘Road to S.I. 2020’ Battle Pass in Year 4 Season 4. We can expect to see more of this sort of content on the way.

r6 event skins outfits
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COMPETITIVE EDGE - Unlock these skin in the currentRoad to S.I. 2020 battle pass


We can expect to see Ubisoft implementing this sorting of content into upcoming seasons.

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There’s a
possibility we can see a fully-fledged Battle Pass integrated into the next
season pass

Release Date

Rainbow 6 Year 5 Season 1 is expected to release on 10 March 2020.

With Year 4 coming to a close, there are many improvements coming with the release of ‘Void Edge’, fans are hyped for the next big instalment in the Rainbow 6 pipeline.

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It is likely we will see much more info at the Rainbow 6 Invitationals event taking place this weekend.

To get information first, watch the live stream on the Rainbow 6 twitch channel.