Rainbow Six Siege: Latest News - New Cosmetics, Battle Pass, Twitch Prime Skins and More!

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After the recent release of Void Edge, we’ve received a new battle pass and cosmetics!

There are multiple ways of obtaining cosmetics through payment or in-game currency, but the battle pass works on a very different system.

We’ve seen a battle pass like this before and it works on a
similar system to that one.

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There is also a new Twitch Prime skin! Here, we’ll also cover how to obtain this.

Battle Pass

The new ‘Round the World’ Battle Pass is out and has some
new unique skins along with it!

r6 battle pass around the world void edge
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MISSION BLACKSMITH - Unlock a plethora of new uniforms and headgearin the new battle pass!


There are a few themes included with one of them being the ‘Mission Blacksmith’ bundle. A black and yellow outfit with a focus on stealth.

There are also many other skins for operators such as Doc
and Ash which don’t have a theme but still look amazing!

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To get a better look at this battle pass, click here!

Twitch Prime Skins

The Twitch Prime skin this time around is for Mozzie, the Australian defender released in Operation Burnt Horizon.

r6 void edge mozzie twitch prime
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CATCH THOSE DRONES - Use Mozzie's ability to catch attacker's dronesand use them to scout out the area.


This skin is entirely different from all the other Twitch Prime
skins, as it has a slightly more casual look.

Mozzie looks more like a pizza mascot than a counter-terrorist operator, but none the less it’s a very funky cosmetic!

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To unlock it, you need to have Twitch Prime and link your Uplay account to your Amazon/Twitch account. You can do this directly from the in-game menu making it very simple.

Once completed, restart your game and your new skin should
be in your loadout for Mozzie.

Bug Fixes

Along with this week’s update, we got many bug fixes! It’s
always great to see developers constantly updating their game and fixing balancing

r6 void edge patch notes
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BRUTE INTELLIGENCE - This season's operators have VERY different abilities...


Like every season, the new operators will always have
balancing issues. This is a difficult issue to get around as the developers
have limited time for testing.

After this update, there have been many changes made to Oryx and Iana, but also other operators.

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To read more about the patch notes, and for a full rundown of all the changes made, click here.