One of Siege's most divisive maps is finally getting a rework next season

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Operation North Star has been announced for Rainbow Six Siege and it looks like another fantastic update for the game as we continue into Year 6. Favela is the next map to get a rework and we have the latest on the new changes coming to this divisive map.

What Do We Know So Far?

The Operation North Star reveal earlier this week was actually quite informative when it comes to the upcoming Favela map changes that are going to be introduced to Rainbow Six Siege in the next update.

Rainbow Six Siege Favela Map Changes
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IT'S GOING TO BE LESS GREEN - Favela is getting toned down a little bit in the update

We don't know everything just yet, but we do know the following:

  • Favela is now a night-based map, with Fireworks exploding overhead to offer bursts of brighter light;
  • Most of the external destructibility has been removed from the map;
  • Meth Lab has been replaced by crypto-mining Coin Room;
  • Attackers' choke points reworked;
  • Defenders' roaming options reevaluated;

The internal colours have been toned down a little bit too in an effort to give the map a more grounded feel. The lack of external destructibility should also force teams to alter their approach to the map and adapt to the new, but familiar, environment.

Further Details & Patch Notes?

At the moment, we don't actually have a proper look at what's coming. We got shown about briefly in the Year 6 Season 2 reveal trailer (which you can see below), but we're still waiting on a better look and a deeper rundown of what's changing.

With Operation North Star due to release on Siege's Test Servers on May 25th, we're expecting something more focused on the Favela map changes to arrive over the next few days.

Alongside the Favela map changes, Thunderbird is also joining Siege as the next Defender Operator. There's also another batch of Operator balancing changes, a new Operator Health System and some "after death activities".

The full release of Operation North Star is slated for June 14th, just two days after Ubisoft's UbiForward at E3 2021.