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Rainbow Six Extraction Release Time COUNTDOWN: Game Pass, when you can play & More

Rainbow Six Extraction is finally about to release after a short delay that took it out of 2021, like many other games. In the lead-up to release, things were a lit quieter than anticipated and it lead to some suspicion that either another delay was on the way but that was fortunately not the case!

We took a look at the game, reviewed it and we're very surprised at just how good it was! For now, we're looking at exactly when you can get your hands on it either digitally, physically or on Xbox Game Pass!

Rainbow Six Extraction Release Countdown

Rainbow Six Extraction is set to release on Thursday, 20 January. Pre-loading of the game has already been enabled in post regions for a few days now.

Precise release times have been set and are not universal. This means that most regions will be playing once the clock strikes midnight in their local time zone.

Better yet, the Xbox Game Pass version of the game will also launch at the exact same time as the general release. Sometimes, Game Pass releases are held off until a lot later in the day and go live at a universal time, but for Extraction, it's available worldwide at midnight in your local time zone once again.

Our Thoughts

We reviewed Rainbow Six Extraction and has a blast playing it in the days leading up to release. It manages to make both solo and co-op play viable and fair which not many will have predicted. There's fun to be had for all and that's what is most important!

We won't say too much more here though as you can head over and read out an in-depth review to hear our thoughts and feelings as well as see what score we gave the game!

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