Everything We Know So Far About Rainbow Six Extraction

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The next instalment in Ubisoft's blockbuster series is Rainbow Six: Extraction.

The PVE goes extra terrestial next - opening up countless possibilities.

R6 Extraction shown off at UbiForward @ E3

Release Date

Rainbow Six: Extraction arrives on 16 September 2021.

Rainbow Six Extraction Reveal Trailer Ubisoft
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WHAT'S NEXT?: Rainbow Six is getting extraterrestrial

Ubisoft have given us a lot with the first reveals with some exciting trailers, but more is coming. We'll get our first look at its gameplay at Ubisoft Forward on June 12th where the dev team will give a deep dive on what to expect come launch day!

With all this in mind, we expect the game will launch by the end of Summer, but a safer estimate is at least by the end of 2021.

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Reveal Trailer

Ubisoft kicked off in high gear by revealing Rainbow Six Extraction with an exciting new trailer, and a follow-up trailer giving some more insight and letting players know when to expect more.

Check out the exciting reveal trailer below:

Hear the Ubisoft development team speak on Rainbow Six: Extraction in the follow-up trailer below:

But we aren't far out from learning a TON more about the game, and that's thanks to Ubisoft Forward.

Gameplay Trailer

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Ubisoft Forward

Ubisoft Forward is an event used to preview future releases from the company, and is always something to look forward to.

Ubisoft Forward E3 Start Time Schedule
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COMING SOON: Ubisoft could steal the show at E3 this year!

We have high expectations for Ubisoft's presentation this year, and that caps off with a developer deep dive and gameplay reveal for Rainbow Six Extraction! This next step in the iconic series already has piqued the attention of fans, but it has plenty of potential to go even further.

Catch Ubisoft Forward starting at 3pm EST on Saturday, June 12, as part of the massive E3 event, and you'll see the next steps for Rainbow Six, and the new title Rainbow Six: Extraction.

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