Rainbow Six Extraction Revealed by Ubisoft

Ubisoft have just revealed a bombshell with the new game Rainbow Six Extraction!

Rainbow Six Extraction Takes Series to New Places

Rainbow Six Extraction already sounds like it will bring a very new experience to the Rainbow Six series.


For starters, the game will be a PVE shooter, and as the name suggests, will be based around extraction. This means choosing when to save your teammates, when to get out of a sticky situation, or when to fight on to the next reward.

Alongside this new gameplay, Rainbow Six Extraction will include an alien threat this time as opposed to a typical special ops approach the Rainbow Six series is known for.

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Rainbow Six Extraction Trailer

Ubisoft kicked open the door with the newly revealed Rainbow Six Extraction, revealing the title and then immediately a trailer to take it a step further.

Watch the exciting new Rainbow Six Extraction Sprawl trailer below:

So what's the threat players will face in Rainbow Six Extraction? While we don't have any clear view just yet, things are looking dangerous. The new trailer reveals a sprawling substance spreading across the walls of a facility, before jutting out spikes and enveloping a lab.


This suggests the new alien foes in Rainbow Six Extraction will likely be similar to this creature, resembling somewhere between the Flood from Halo and Creep from Starcraft.

It also looks the aliens will have some particularly terrifying boss fights - which should cap off a brand new experience for the Rainbow Six series.

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