Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Equip Pre Order Bonuses

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Rainbow Six Extraction is finally here, giving you and three friends the chance to take down areas, hunt targets and protect your allies. If you're looking to go in there with a little more bling, here's how to equip your pre order bonuses in Rainbow Six Extraction before you start..

How to equip your pre order bonuses in Rainbow Six Extraction

Equipping your pre order bonuses is rather easy once you've spotted how to do it. First, you have to go in to customize your operators. Then, you can just click on the weapon or headgear and swap out the base skins for your shiny new pre order one.


This all being said, you have to figure out what skin you want to replace first. To do so, you may need to know what pre order bonuses you have. You can read all about it below.

How does your Rainbow Six Extraction pre order work?

There are two main ways to play Rainbow Six Extraction: the standard edition and deluxe edition. Here what's in them.


Standard Edition - This comes with the base game and a buddy pass, essentially granting a friend access to the game for two weeks. This is a decent way to play the game and lets you play with your friends but it won't give you any special skins or pieces of equipment.

Deluxe Edition - The deluxe edition comes with the game and the buddy pass but it also comes with three packs of skins. They are:

  • The Noxious Touch Pack comes with the Noxious Touch uniform for Alibi, Noxious Touch and Redeemer weapon skins for everyone and the Guardian Angel Charm
  • The Obscura Pack comes with the Cephal Black and Cerulean weapon skins for everyone as well as the Redacted and Anagram charms.
  • The React Strike Pack comes with the Spectrum uniform, headgear and weapon skin, alongside 6 XP boosters and a 10% discount in the in-game shop