Rainbow Six: Extraction Delayed Into 2022

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It's never nice to see games delayed when they were so recently hyped up but in the case of Rainbow Six Extraction, the delay is clearly for the best.

Ever since the release of Cyberpunk 2077, studios have had no issues enforcing a delay if it helps the game and the development team in the long run. The developers behind Rainbow Six Extraction know that it's better to dealy for a few months and release a successful title than have to try and finish the game after it has launched.

Rainbow Six Extraction Delayed

The delay of Rainbow Six Extraction came out of left field for many fans of the game. We are just a month removed from E3 2021 and seeing the game in action at the Ubisoft Forward event.


The game was given a large chunk of time during the event and they really hyped up that it would be available in 2021. It appears that certain issues have caught up with the game and made it so that release in 2021 just isn't possible.

Some have questioned why a release date was given only a month ago if possible issues were known. It's possible that they wanted to drum up pre-orders to see what interest was like before finalizing the decsion.

Rainbow Six Extraction was not the only Ubisoft game to receive a delay yesterday. Riders Republic also received a delay of around two months, moving from the start of September to the end of October 2021.


Rainbow Six Extraction Release Date

The new release date for Rainbow Six Extraction is January 2022. This means that it's only a delay of a few months which hints that the problems are not severe and the team just need additional time to polish what is already there.


As soon as we have more specifics on the January date, we'll keep you updated.