Rainbow 6 Siege: Void Edge and Year 5 will bring major changes

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Void Edge is the next season coming in Rainbow Six: Siege!

There are many gameplay changes coming with the new season including operators, gadgets, and reworks.

The Ubisoft juggernaut Siege has excelled at continually pushing out new content for its fan base.


This keeps the game feeling fun and fresh. With Void Edge releasing next week, we are seeing this trend continue.

Ubisoft has built up one of the greatest competitive FPS games we’ve seen, with its peak players occurring in February 2020, five years after the game released.

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This is a testament to Ubisoft’s drive to fix the initial issues with the game and continue to push Siege to a new level even when the gaming community doubted the game.

Here are all the changes coming to Siege with the new season.

Operator Rework

We not only have two new Operators, Iana and Oryx, coming with the new season, but we also have an operator rework coming as well.

tachanka rework r6
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THE LORD IS HERE - Lord Tachanka has had reworks before now, but nothing on this scale!


Tachanka has become quite the meme in the Rainbow 6 community due to his humorous personality and gadget. Ubisoft has decided to rework his abilities to make him a much more competitive pick.

His turret is now his primary weapon with new destruction
capabilities. And his gadget is an ‘incendiary grenade launcher’.

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This can be used similarly to smoke or Goyo as an entry
denial / AOE device to shut off flanking routes for the attackers.

It seems Tachanka may now be a viable pick even in more competitive
environments, however, only time will tell.

Oregon Rework

Rather than a brand-new map this season we will see a rework
of the map ‘Oregon’.


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Ubisoft wants to create more open areas and flanking routes to make manoeuvring through the map easier for both the attackers and the defenders.

Although this is one of my favourite maps, I’ve been playing
the map on the Technical Test Server (TTS) and it plays out much better, with
both sides taking advantage of new routes.

rainbow 6 oregon rework
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CONSTRUCTION IS UNDERWAY - The new Oregon rework is free to play onthe TTS now!

It is unfortunate we aren’t getting a brand-new map to start off the fifth year of Siege, but this rework plays completely different when compared to its previous iteration, even though it still contains aspects of the old map.


New Gadgets

There are two new updates coming in year 5. One for the defensive team and one for the attackers.

The defensive team will receive a new area detection system, which makes a loud noise when attackers pass by it.

rainbow 6 barbed wire
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TACTICAL CHAOS - Pair the new gadgets with barbed wire to create a deadly trap!


This will be incredibly powerful in all levels of Siege, due to the power of information in Siege. The operators that directly counter this are Thatcher and IQ. This will make these operators very powerful in the next year, due to their ability to easily counter the new gadget.

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The attackers will receive a new ‘hard breaching’ gadget. This won’t be as effective as Thermite, or Hibana, but will give the other operators more flexibility when attacking an objective.

Year 5 Pass

The Year 5 Pass is now available to purchase. This will give
you access to all the operators coming in year 5 as well as 600 R6 credits and
other cosmetic items.

rainbow 6 year 5 season pass
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THE NEXT YEAR OF CONTENT IS HERE - Get the Byte Set with the Year 5 Pass!


The pass costs £20 so is on the pricey side, but you will
receive a lot of content over the next year.

If you don’t want to get the season pass, you can save up
your Renown Credits to eventually purchase the new operators, but you won’t
receive the other benefits that come with the season pass.

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There are many other changes coming with the new year of Rainbow 6. To read the full patch notes, click here.