Rainbow Six: Siege to offer deeper look at New Operator Osa

It's always fun to see how Ubisoft introduce and showcase new operators for Rainbow Six: Siege and it's no different for Osa.

We received a tease for Crystal Guard earlier this week we now already know a little more about Osa and there's another trailer for her due soon.

New Operator - Osa

Osa is a Croatian Attacker who, based on her intro trailer, appears to carry a crystal shield that can offer bulletproof protection while not reducing vision on the enemy team.

The gadget, called the Talon-8 Clear Shield, also appears to adjust itself to fit into the space that it's placed in. This will, of course, have its limits but it offers a tactical advantage for a team trying to protect themselves whilst maintaining sight of the enemy.

More details on Osa coming soon

We already know when we are set to learn more about Osa and Year 6, Season 3 in general. the official Rainbow Six: Siege Twitter account announced a live stream for Monday, 16 August which can be watched over on Twitch.

We can expect to not only learn more about Osa and her playstyle, abilities and gadgets but also more about Crystal Guard as a whole. Given that we're over six years into Siege, you probably have a good idea of how these things play out by now.

It's unlikely that any more operators will be announced, but we could be set for new maps, game modes and updates on game balancing and the new battle pass.

The lead up to a new season is always an exciting time for Siege players unless it's your favourite characters being nerfed into oblivion. Regardless, we'll keep you up to date with any breaking stories and updates that come out of the live stream.

UPDATE: The Test Server now reflects Crystal Guard content which would suggest the full release of Y6S3 is scheduled for September 7th, or later. We do not have confirmation of this yet.

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