How many Levels are there in Rainbow Six Extraction?

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Rainbow Six Extraction is out no and available to buy or play via Xbox Game Pass. If you're yet to give it a go and want to know more about the various locations and stages the game will take you to, we've got you covered!

Here's a little guide to the locations and stages you'll find within Rainbow Six Extraction and what to expect from each one!


Rainbow Six Extraction Levels

There are four primary location hubs in Rainbow Six Extraction; New York, San Francisco, Alaska and Truth or Consequences.

Each of these hubs then contained three varying stages. Each one is fairly dynamic and has a theme that runs throughout the various sub-zones within.

New York Containment Zones

Liberty Island - Home of the Statue of Liberty, this stage balances open outdoor spaces and fairly large indoor spaces like a museum. A great starting location to help you get to grips with the gameplay.


Monolith Gardens - This overgrown hotel was once home to the stars on their trips to the Big Apple, but its narrow hallways and luxury spaces are now home to the dangerous Chimera threat.

Police Station - Once considered a safe haven, the Chimera have brought the force to its knees and taken over this once impenetrable fortress.

extraction liberty island

San Francisco Containment Zones

Tenderloin - Once a hipster haven, this modern and arty neighbourhood is much less appealing now that the Chimera has moved in.


Apollo Casino & Resort - The Apollo was once a home of the lucky where money was won and lost. Now its bright and colourful game floor has been taken over by the Sprawl.

Enterprise - This Space Museum is one of the more playful levels within Extraction even with the Archaean threat still at large. Be sure to pick up an alien plushie from the gift shop.

extraction san Francisco

Alaska Containment Zones

Nome - From quiet fishing town to mass-producing Oil, Nome has seen plenty of change even before the Chimera arrived.

Eurydice - This Valley location is home to a meteor crater that appears to be of great intrigue to the Chimera... What could it mean?

Orpheus - This research station is home to Orpheus, a completely not evil corp carrying out research on the meteor in Eurydice.

extraction alaska

Truth or Consequences Containment Zones

Sierra County Hospital - Where the locals could once seek help in a time of need, the Chimera threat has torn this place of healing to shreds.

Dam - This location is possibly Ground Zero for the entire Chimera event, so let's just say it's pretty dangerous in these parts.

Downtown - The Chimaera completely levelled this quiet backwater town leaving it a shell of its former self.

rainbow six extraction downtown