When does Ubisoft's Crystal Guard reveal stream even start?

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Ubisoft is well into their sixth year of Rainbow Six Siege content and, somehow, they're still coming up with content that sounds exciting. Crystal Guard is on the way and there's a reveal stream coming up that should confirm some important details about the next seasonal update for Siege. Here's everything you need to know about it.

When does the Crystal Guard reveal stream actually start?

Following the announcement of the Crystal Guard reveal stream, Ubisoft has confirmed that the Crystal Guard reveal stream is going to start at the following times:

  • 07:00 PST
  • 10:00 EST
  • 15:00 BST

If you want to watch it, you will be able to tune in on the Rainbow Six Twitch Channel here. We expect the footage to be uploaded to social media channels and YouTube too, but there hasn't been any confirmation of this yet.

What are we expecting to hear about?

First and foremost, we should see a little more of Osa - the new Siege Operator - in action. We might not get gameplay footage during the upcoming Crystal Guard reveal stream, but something that explains her equipment set and how she fits into the Siege narrative would be great. We already know she's an Attacker with a deployable shield, but how is this going to work in practice?


In addition to this, rumours are rife that this seasonal update is going to do away with the "one major map overhaul a season" plan we've seen Ubisoft enacting and focus on numerous smaller changes across the board. There's a lot of Siege maps out there that could do with a refresher and we should find out which locales are changing during the stream.

Furthermore, there's going to be Operator balancing changes and we'd like to hope we learn which Operators are going to be changing in the upcoming update. We don't think there's going to be any changes too drastic, but Nokk changes have been in the works for some time now. Could Crystal Guard finally be the time we see the changes implemented?