How to Heal Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

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Rainbow Six Extraction is a brand new type of game and harkens back more to what the core franchise used to be about... just with aliens, parasites and other Sci-Fi elements. The tactical gameplay goes far beyond just what happens on the battlefield though as you'll also need to be smart with how you manage your team of operators.

Extraction can be brutally difficult at times and this isn't helped by the fact that your operators will not magically return to full health straight away. In fact, your operators can lose so much health that they become "Inactive" and thus not available for use.


Here's how to heal operators in Rainbow Six Extraction and why it requires more thought than you may think!

How to Heal Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Any damage that your operators take during a Rainbow Six Extraction incursion needs to be dealt with over time. You will have nine operators available to you when the game begins which will expand to a roster of 18 as you increase your milestone level.

heal operators rainbow six extraction
Operators can be withdrawn from duty if they get too injured

If an operator fails an incursion, you can head in with a different one to rescue them but should they just about make it, but are seriously injured, you can heal those operators by successfully extracting them from other incursions.

heal operators through completed incursions
Completing incursions grants health for injured operators based on performance

You can still risk-taking an operator out for an incursion if they are injured to some degree but the risk factor is increased massively. There are no additional rewards or XP available for completing an incursion with an injured operator. If an operator is critically injured, they will be deemed "Inactive" and you will be unable to use them until they reach a certain health level.

How to Heal Inactive Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

AS mentioned before, an operator that loses all their health is deemed "Inactive".


Inactive operators cannot be selected until their health is brought back to 50 HP. To do so, you will need to complete missions successfully. The XP you gain in these missions is essentially converted to HP which is then replenished into your operators.

Rainbow Six Siege Extraction Inactive Operators

Some players have found this process pretty tedious, and, so far, there is only one way to speed it up and that is by selecting a higher difficulty level for the mission.

Higher difficulty missions produce more XP and thus HP. Be warned though, harder missions are more difficult to complete and you may find before long you are down another operator.