All the details ahead of WRC 10's release!

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The world of off-road racing has one absolute pinnacle, rallying.

Nacon's official World Rally Championship series has raised the bar over the years, and WRC 10 looks set to push the limits even further.


What do we know about the game so far?

Table of Contents

WRC 10 release date

The next WRC game has a release date of 2 September.

This is in line with previous releases, so there are no nasty surprises here for fans.

Early access

There is no edition which gives players early access.

SLIDING ON IN: WRC is all about precise car control
SLIDING ON IN: WRC is all about precise car control

Most sports games these days do have at least one edition that gives a few days early access, but with pre-orders already open there is no chance of Nacon adding one now.


The first pieces of gameplay have finally come through and WRC 10 simply looks stunning.

Showing off a host of cars and locations, it promises to be the best WRC title yet!

WRC 10 retrospective mode

The new retrospective mode offers players the chance to relive 19 of the best rallies from WRC history.

TAKE IT FOR A SPIN: The classic cars will be tough to handle
TAKE IT FOR A SPIN: The classic cars will be tough to handle

This includes some absolute classic locations like the Acropolis Rally and Sanremo, along with a field of 20 legendary cars like Lancias, Subarus, and Mitsubishis.

Refined gameplay

WRC 10 will make a big leap in physics too.

Aerodynamics, turbo, and braking have all received an overhaul so that the game is more accurate than ever. The audio has also been completely reworked to make the game more immersive than ever.

PS5 could offer best experience

While the game will be available on the old and new generation of both consoles, the PS5 should offer the best experience for anyone playing on pad.

This is thanks to the DualSense controller and its sensational features. Following the WRC 9 PS5 update, the game became a completely different experience thanks to the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.


It allows pad players to feel the road surface, the grip levels, and the performance in brakes and engine like never before.

Create your own team

Career mode is getting a refresh, as a new livery editor gives players the chance to create their own team.

Quite how deep this goes we don't yet know. It would be great to be able to name the team and pick out our own sponsors and manufacturer deal but that all remains to be seen.

The 2021 championship rallies will be included, though whether this is the recently reworked calendar or the season "as it was meant to be" we don't yet know.