V10 R-League: Sim racing's most competitive grid

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The V10 R-League is on the way and will seem ever-closer now that all of the teams have been announced. There are some massive names in motorsport competing in the first season of the R-League.

The unique format for races is obviously a big part of the series' appeal, but the V10 R-League really shines with its quality of the teams and drivers.


But who are these teams? And what drivers have been confirmed so far? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Equal cars, varied challenges

Like racing series such as IndyCar and NASCAR, all of the cars are equal across the series' eight teams. One of the beauties of virtual racing is that it's easy to make the cars truly identical, and that's what we have here.

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THE BEAST: This is the beauty that the racers will piloting around the series' circuits

Huge racing outfits like BMW, Porsche, Red Bull, Williams and Suzuki are all competing. This cannot be understated, because these outfits are also competing in top series like the World Endurance Championship.

That's how you know that this is a seriously competitive championship and one the likes of the aforementioned teams won't be taking lightly.


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The variety of challenges on offer too means that the drivers will have to be elite all-round racers to come out on top.

Speaking of which, there's already been some great talent already confirmed to be in the driver's seat.

The drivers

All eight teams have been confirmed and some of the drivers have already been too.

The BMW Motorsport SIM Racing Team has entered four drivers for this season. The highlight of the quartet being Cem Bolukbasi, one of the biggest names in sim racing.

v10 r league format

PREMIER: Only the best sim racers will be competing in the V10 R-League

Laurin Heinrich, Coque Lopez and Kevin Siggy will also be donning the BMW overalls for the V10 R-League.

Porsche24 Redline also cannot be underestimated, as they're one of the most experienced sim racing outfits out there. Their main drivers, Atze Kerkhof, Ben Cornett and Michal Smidl will be all be competing.

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Red Bull have entered Joni Tormala, Graham Carroll, and Laige Mallet. All of these trio have been champions in different disciplines.

The final team that has announced their line-up is Yas Heat. Jaroslav Honzik, Eamonn Murphy, Andrew Capoccia, and Simone Fedele are the quartet we'll see in action.

v10 r league lucas blakeley 1

One of the most exciting names involved is Lucas Blakeley. Racing Point's British sim star is immensely talented and will give the team a huge chance of winning the entire thing.

The tracks

There's a huge variety of tracks on offer in the first series of the V10 R-League.

V10 R League Car 2

From the technical and modern Yas Marina Circuit in the UAE to the high-speed magical venue of Monza, there's a real mix of tracks on offer.

Equal cars, quality drivers throughout the grid and a huge variation of challenges and circuits will make for extremely close competition.

There's little danger of one driver or one team dominating in this series! There's simply too many variables, even with each team fielding multiple drivers.


How to watch the V10 R-League

Season 1 of V10 R-League starts today! You can watch all eight teams in action at 7pm BST on BT Sport 2.

Those in the US can watch on ESPN3, while in the Middle East it will be available on STARZPLAY Arabia.