V10 R-League Round 7 Preview - Porsche24 Redline & Williams go head-to-head for the title!

It's the final round of action in the first season of the V10 R-League.

We've seen plenty of amazing action across the six previous rounds, but it all boils down to this. Two teams with a chance at the title, going head-to-head with eachother.

Who will come away with the silverware?

Yas Marina

The title-decider will be raced around the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi.

There couldn't be a better location for the finale, as the amazing circuit will challenge drivers to be precise with their car placements and daring with their overtakes.

Track extension penalties could play a big part in this race as it easy to cut a corner or open up the exit a bit too much.

Porsche24 Redline vs Williams

It's all come down to this.

Porsche24 Redline sit on 16 points, having dropped just two rounds all year.


Williams are on 13 so will need a clean-sweep victory to secure a points tie. The tie breaker would be driver points in the team race, and Redline holds a 90-83 lead there which could easily be overturned.

It's not a lost cause by any means for Williams, but it is quite the mountain to climb.

Driver insights

We spoke to Williams' Martin Stefanko ahead of the finale, and he was very clear about the teams mindset:

"If we don't believe we can beat someone then you're just simply not going to win"

They may be the underdogs according to the league table, but they certainly don't consider themselves any lesser to Redline.

v10 r league monza crash
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ON THE EDGE: Williams have been in the wars this season

Porsche24 Redline are the consummate pros when it comes to the V10 R-League, and Michal Smidl gave us some insight to how they are coping with the pressure.

"If you are ready the pressure is not that high"

Ready is right, Redline has been pounding the tarmac and has had a good understanding of the way the car behaves and the strategy needed to win.

Ben Cornett took us through Redline's plan:

porsche24 redline laguna seca v10r league
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SWEEPING IN: Porsche24 Redline online need one point to secure the title

"From the early days, we had a good understanding of the strategic element of this series. Lap time was an element, but it wasn't critical.

It [quickly] became apparent that track position is paramount. As such, the way we set the car up focussed more on track position than outright lap time."


So how will it all play out?

It's hard to spot any weakness in Redline's team or where they might slip up.

Yas Marina has a few twisty and technical sectors, and that has been something of an achilles heel for both sides. Redline and Williams dropped points at the Nordschleife and Vallelunga, so there is an air of tension about mistakes into the final sector especially.

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If Williams can pick up the head-to-head point then the pressure will really be on Redline and some cracks might appear. However, a clean sweep seems just too unlikely.

Prediction: Williams 2 - 1 Porsche24 Redline

BMW vs Red Bull

It's 3rd vs 4th for the final "podium" position.

BMW sit on 12 points while Red Bull has 10. The Bulls will be disappointed with how things have gone this year, while BMW too will feel like they should have been closer to the front.

Screenshot grs v10r spa 8 10 120 14 49 55 min
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UP AND DOWN: Red Bull's season has been inconsistent to say the least

Graham Carroll vs Kevin Siggy should be an amazing battle throughout this matchup.

Prediction: Red Bull 2 - 1 BMW

Fordzilla vs JAESA Suzuki

The only winless team in the contest, Fordzilla will be desperate to avoid a complete whitewash.

Screenshot grs v10r spa 8 10 120 15 35 23 min
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HEY GOOD LOOKIN': At least the Fordzilla livery has been strong

JAESA Suzuki has been a surprise package in the V10 R-League, beating Red Bull at Spa last week and picking up points relatively consistently.

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They will be keen to put the final stamp on a strong showing by steamrolling Fordzilla, who haven't had a strong enough team lineup to push week-in and week-out.

Prediction: JAESA Suzuki 3 - 0 Fordzilla

Racing Point vs Yas Heat

Racing Point has been there-or-there-abouts all year, but a few driver changes plus running into Redline at Spa has halted their momentum.

Screenshot grs v10r spa 8 10 120 13 51 59 min
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HOMEWARD BOUND: Yas Heat will be on home soil for the finale

It's not like Yas Heat has any momentum though. They come to their home track on the back of three clean sweep defeats in a row.

Some home cooking and a bit of local pride could see them pick up a win here though.

Prediction: Yas Heat 2 - 1 Racing Point

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