V10 R-League Round 6 Preview - Spa: Must-win for Williams & Red Bull

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We are approaching the sharp end of the inaugural season in the V10 R-League.

Porsche24 Redline continued their dominance last week, while their nearest competitors took points off each other.

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The league heads to the Ardennes forest and one of the most iconic circuits ever for what are must-win matches at the top of the league.



There is no track in the world like Spa-Francorchamps. Sweeping bends, huge elevation changes, and a truly picturesque setting.

The V10 monsters will be faced with the massive climb up the Eau Rouge/Radillion section, flicking through Les Combes and flashing around Pouhon.


Much like the Nordschleife, the level of downforce will be a crucial decision here. With a lot of long flatout sections, but the middle sector of the lap is tricky and there are overtaking spots within it if you don't have the downforce to carry speed.

Expect divebombs into the Bus Stop at the end of the lap and a lot of wheel-to-wheel action!


Porsche24 Redline vs Racing Point

Let's start with the leaders.

Porsche24 Redline sit on 13 points with five wins out of five. They've looked like the complete package all season, but Racing Point are more than capable of costing them a point or two.

porsche24 redline laguna seca v10r league
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OUT IN FRONT: Porsche24 Redline have been unstoppable


The UK outfit will be without Lucas Blakeley, but the rest of their lineup is rapid and they've already got a 2-1 win over Red Bull in their pocket.

A familiar track to all, Spa should be provide fireworks in this one.

PREDICTION: Porsche24 Redline 2 - 1 Racing Point

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Williams vs Fordzilla

Godzilla have come adrift at the foot of the league, and things don't get better for them against Williams this week.

fordzilla laguna seca v10r league
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SQUEEZED OUT: A combination of bad luck and tough competition sees Fordzilla at the foot of the table


Williams will be disappointed at how things played out in Laguna Seca, but they have the pace to leave Fordzilla in the dust this weekend and keep their title challenge alive going into the final round.

PREDICTION: Williams 3 - 0 Fordzilla

JAESA Suzuki vs Red Bull

Red Bull need help. Their 2-1 win over Williams last week keeps them four points off the top, so even a clean sweep here could see them drop out of contention.

jaesa suzuki vallelunga v10r league 1
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SMOOTH: JAESA Suzuki have been consistent all year


JAESA are no pushovers though, and can certainly do some damage. Red Bull have been among the most aggressive teams in the V10 R-League and are constantly on the edge of penalties and the wall.

However, their domination of the team race is an ace up their sleeve.

PREDICTION: Red Bull 3 - 0 JAESA Suzuki

BMW vs Yas Heat

BMW are in the same position as Red Bull and need some help from Racing Point to keep their dreams alive.

bmw nordschleife v10r league 1
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FULL THROTTLE: BMW have to go all out this week


Meanwhile, Yas Heat are coming off a competitive showing against Porsche24 Redline and won't want to do any favours for anyone.

Heat's performances have deserved more than their four points so far, and this could be a moment where they shine.

PREDICTION: BMW 2 - 1 Yas Heat