V10 R-League Round 4 Winners & Losers: Red Bull complete faultless clean sweep

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The V10 R-League had so far been run around tracks that are household names in the racing community. However, this week, the virtual paddock returned to Italy to race at the Vallelunga circuit.

Vallelunga is similar to Monza in that it's extremely high-speed and watching these GRS V10R '20's tear around it was a pleasure to behold.


Some teams did fantastically well, while others will rue this week as a missed opportunity.

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Winner: Red Bull

Red Bull Racing eSports had a setback at the Nordschleife last week, as they lost to title rivals Porsche24 RedLine. However, Red Bull responded brilliantly this week, as they completed a clean sweep against Yas Heat.

Heat and Red Bull were level on points going into this round but now three points separate them, after a perfect performance from Red Bull.

Red Bull Yas Heat Vallelunga V10 R-League Round 4

LEADING FROM THE FRONT: Red Bull had the perfect Monday in Italy

Joni Tormala, Aurelien Mallet & Graham Carroll all won their head-to-heads to open RB's account for the day. In the relay race, Red Bull were handed another championship point after Simone Fedele made a rookie error (more on this later).


The team race wasn't as straightforward as the previous rounds, but Red Bull kept up their 100% record in this contest. Carroll was spun off the line by the Heats before Tormala was punted off.

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Despite this, Tormala still led and won the race thanks to the Finn's incredible pace. With Murphy and Honzik of Heat both picking up penalties, there was no doubt who won this contest.

Red Bull now sit in third place in the points standings, just three points off leaders Porsche.

Loser: Simone Fedele

It really was a day to forget for Yas Heat and Simone Fedele in particular. Heat failed to pick up a single point and have slipped to sixth place in the championship standings.

Red Bull Yas Heat Vallelunga V10 R-League Round 4

EXTINGUISHED: Simone had a mare for Heat

To his credit, Fedele did put up a good fight and could've won his head-to-head contest, almost overtaking Carroll around the outside into Turn 2. However, it was the relay race that earns Fedele a loser spot on this list.

Fedele was facing Tormala in the first stint and was keen to get Heat into the lead before the first pit-stops. Unfortunately, though, Fedele overcooked his move on the Finn and spun, costing hi s team ten seconds in the process.

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It was going to take a minor miracle to catch up, but all hope went out of the window, as Fedele ran too long and was disqualified as a result.

His team has to take some of the blame here, but as a professional driver, you should do better.

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Fedele redeemed himself somewhat in the team race, finishing second and being the only one in his team to not pick up a penalty. It was still a day to put firmly behind the Italian though.

Winner: Suzuki

Jean Alesi Suzuki haven't scored many points, but no team had completed a clean sweep against them. Despite coming up against championship leaders Posche24 RedLine, that streak continued.

Screenshot grs v10r ks vallelunga 24 9 120 14 27 2 min 1

DICING: Suzuki were taking it to the championship leaders

Despite losing the first head-to-head contest to Porsche, Giorgio Simonini drew the contest level on what was an extremely impressive debut.

Porsche would run out 2-1 winners and take the championship point, but this was set to be a tight affair.


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In the relay race, Porsche led in the early stages but Simonini was going for P1. Excellent pit stops and lightning-fast pace throughout allowed JEASA Suzuki to take the lead for the final stint.

Ben Cornett pushed Alex Turato all the way, but Suzuki took the point and levelled the contest. Before this, only Red Bull had taken a point off Porsche.

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The team race was a scintillating contest from start to finish. Cornett led but Danilo Santoto and Simonini were hot on the heels of the Porsche. Simonini would lose a place before being taken out by Smidl.

Santoro was challenging for the lead on the final lap, but it wasn't quite enough. Porsche won the bout 2-1 but Suzuki will take a lot of positives from this performance.

Loser: Shaun Arnold

It was another dismal performance by Team Fordzilla, and Shaun Arnold was the worst of the trio we saw in the blue and black cars on Monday. Racing Point faced Fordzilla in a bottom of the table clash.

Screenshot grs v10r ks vallelunga 24 9 120 12 12 38 min

LAGGING BEHIND: Fordzilla failed to score for the third round in a row

After Blakeley won the opening head-to-head for Racing Point, Arnold needed to beat Shanaka Clay to get a point on the board. Arnold was going for the lead but spun and ended all hope of Fordzilla drawing first blood.

Arnold was again chasing Clay in the relay race and again spun to ruin his team's chances of winning that contest.

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Fordzilla had a golden opportunity to take a point back though, as Pablo Lopez and Arnold were leading 1-2 in the team race. Had Arnold stayed there, it would've been an easy win for Fordzilla.

However, yet another spin for Arnold changed everything, as Racing Point moved into P2-3-4 to tie the contest. Of course, a draw in the V10 R-League means nobody gets points and Fordzilla sit firmly last in the table.

The Next Round

The V10 R-League travels across the Atlantic to the USA and sunny California. Round 5 will be held at the famous Laguna Seca Circuit on 5th October at 7 pm BST.


The entire Season 1 of V10 R-League will be shown on BT Sport in the UK.

Those in the US can watch on ESPN3, while in the Middle East it will be available on STARZPLAY Arabia.