TT Isle of Man 2 Review: The ultimate challenge in racing - career mode, graphics, gameplay, release date & more

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Coronavirus has ruined everything, with even the TT Isle of Man getting called off.

But it isn't all lost, thanks to BigBen and KT Racing.

The developers of the terrific WRC 8 have a new game on the way, giving you the chance to take on the ultimate challenge in motorsport - the Snaefell Mountain course.

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TT Isle of Man 2 brings the unforgiving road race to your living room in all its glory. Are you up to the challenge? Let's find out!


An engaging career mode

TT isle of man 2 career mode
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PICK YOUR PATH: Choose your race, earn your invitation to the TT


One of the best parts of WRC was an in-depth and all-encompassing career mode.

TT Isle of Man 2 borrows heavily from that, which is just great. You choose a team to join after a quick intro race and pick your races within your calendar.

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You have perks to spend and a team to build up around you so that you and your bike are ready to qualify for the Tourist Trophy and conquer the 37-mile course.

Accessible gameplay

tt isle of man 2 gameplay turn
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LEAN IN: It can be tough to learn, but satisfying to get right


If you aren't familiar with bikes or how they react, then don't worry. The introductory tutorial will take you through everything you need to know.

The key difference to your normal racing game is that you need to lean with your rider to prevent wheelies and stoppies, and your front and rear brakes have different buttons to control them.

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All this can be stripped away by assists though, leaving you with just the basics.

If you are more used to four wheels than two this is a great way to enjoy the game. If you want a challenge and a real sense of accomplishment then this game certainly offers that.

Simulation racing at its finest

tt isle of man 2 bike
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PICK YOUR POISON: These bikes bite back


You can take the edges off this game and enjoy it as a casual gamer, but it also offers a hardcore simulation.

With input from France's fastest TT racer Julien Toniutti, TT Isle of Man 2 is one of the most realistic racers you'll ever play.

The entire Snaefell Mountain course was laser-scanned for accuracy, while the surroundings are painstakingly reproduced.

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You can go into first-person camera and see the same brake-markers as the real racers and feel all the same bumps.

There has been a real focus on the precision and realism of bike physics too.

It can make the game a little intimidating for new players, but the tutorial system and assists keep it accessible.


Beyond the Isle of Man

tt isle of man 2 gameplay
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SNAEFELL: The Isle looks great, but there is more than just one course

Basing a game around one race is a tough sell, but KT Racing have developed a world around the race itself that sucks you in.


With 200km and 18 circuits to race on beyond just the 37-mile Snaefell course, there is also a free roam area with more than 60km of road to explore.

With stunning vistas of the British Isles, KT Racing have done a wonderful job of dropping you into a realistic environment and letting you cut loose.

Release date

TT Isle of Man 2 hits the shelves on 19 March for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

It will arrive on Nintendo Switch on 31 May.


tt isle of man 2 gameplay camera
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SIT TIGHT: You can feel the speed in first-person


If you aren't a hardcore bike fan this is a tricky game to fall in love with, but for a casual fan it is very entertaining.

The Snaefell course is like nothing you'll ever race on. The challenge is really only comparable to the Nurburgring, but even that is 20 miles shorter and in the forest.

You can crash into a lamp post and send your bike into the front room of a house in this game. Which is always nice.

It's a true endurance racer if you want it to be, but you can also take more digestible bites out of the course.

It's certainly unforgiving with bumps and realistic physics that will send you flying, but the visuals are stunning and the audio is exceptional.

If you love a game that challenges you and rewards you for your time and effort, this is the one for you.

RealSport Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)