Need for Speed Heat: Achievements & trophy guide

Your ultimate guide to unlocking every achievement and trophy in NFS Heat!

George Howson by George Howson

Ever since trophies and achievements were introduced into video gaming for the seventh generation of consoles, an added level of competition and ranking has been added to gaming. It’s now no longer enough just to complete the story mode of the game to you’ve finished it, you have to claim every one of those trophies and achievements to earn your 100% status.

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Ghost Games’ latest creation has a total of 33 achievements and trophies, plus the platinum on PS4 to expand your trophy collection and level up your gamer score! Achievements are also available via EA’s Origin service on PC.

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There’s a wide range of requirements to unlock these, from actions as simple as completing an online challenge to as challenging as racking up extremely high amounts of experience points in a short amount of time. It’ll take many hours to complete the following list, and we wish you best the luck in your quest!

Every trophy & achievement in Need For Speed Heat

Here is every trophy & achievement in the game so you know just what to do when Need For Speed Heat is released on 8 November.

NotoriousReach REP level 50Silver40G
Wrap it Up!Customise a vehicle with a wrapBronze10G
Blame the VainEquip items to all visual customisation slotsBronze20G
Humble BeginningsReach REP level 2Bronze10G
RedlineEquip handling parts for maximum raceBronze20G
Sideways StyleEquip handling parts for maximum driftBronze20G
Component PartsEquip handling parts for maximum road tractionBronze20G
The Hackney DreamEquip handling parts for maximum offroad tractionBronze20G
Techin’Equip parts in both special part slotsBronze15G
Change my NameChange the license plate textBronze10G
Hear Me RoarModify exhaust soundBronze10G
Swappin’Customise a vehicle with an engine swapBronze20G
I Said Right NowUpgrade a vehicle to 399 Tier RatingGold60G
You Have Friends?Complete 5 events in All-Drive with other human playersBronze15G
Benefits Are NiceComplete 25 events in All-Drive with other human playersSilver40G
Two Racers, One EventBeat your first Autolog RecommendationBronze15G
Don’t Quit Your Day JobComplete your first daily challengeBronze15G
All for OneReach crew level 50Silver40G
Cashing InEarn and bank 1,000,000 rep during one nightGold60G
At the Last SecondRepair critical damage at a gas stationBronze20G
Danger ZoneComplete all Speed TrapsBronze20G
Drift, Drift, DriftComplete all Drift ZonesBronze20G
Space CadetComplete all JumpsBronze20G
Comeback KidBe last during the final lap of a race and still winBronze15G
GrafferCollect all the Graffiti DecalsBronze20G
Be the Very BestComplete all CollectiblesGold60G
A bit of ParadiseSmash your way through all the billboardsBronze20G
The Brightest StarsGet a 3-star Rating on all the activities in the gameSilver40G
Are You not entertained?Win DiscoverySilver40G
The Most WantedWin a HH-5 event and return to the garage safelyBronze20G
Eleven – Fifty-SixTake down 100 cop vehiclesSilver40G
Travis, Who?Escape 100 cop chasesSilver40G
The Need for SpeedCollect all trophies (PS4)PlatinumN/A


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