The Ultimate MotoGP 21 guide

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MotoGP 21 is finally here!!

Table of Contents

Milestone's latest racer has launched at long last and it's a triumph of noise, energy, and immensely satisfying racing.



Our friends over at RacingGames.GG have already taken MotoGP 21 through its paces.

It's a familiar game, but with new twists and improved racing that will have you pushing for that extra tenth of a second.

With aggressive AI the racing is never dull, while career mode offers a deep and long road to glory for any player.

BATTLE HARDENED: The AI take no prisoners
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BATTLE HARDENED: The AI take no prisoners

Tricky to pick up and play, Milestone supports new players with a huge amount of tutorials and a lot of assists. Veterans will be in for a challenge when all the assists are switched off, as the bike feels alive underneath you and requires a steady, precise hand to control.



New gameplay features

MotoGP 21 has a few new features for fans to enjoy.

Managerial Career is deeper than ever with new job roles available for you to hire.

MotoGP 21 screenshot
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ALL NEW: There is plenty of fresh content for MotoGP fans

There is also a refined and improved suspension system and the addition of brake temperatures to make managing your ride even more realistic than before.

There's a new bike retrieval sequence rather than instant respawn to add immersion, while a long lap penalty system has been added too.



MotoGP 21 is available now!

The game comes in at just £44.99 for PlayStation 4 & 5 and Xbox One & Series X|S. It's just £39.99 on Switch and PC. A steal for a title as packed as this one.

Beginner's guide

If you are a true MotoGP newbie then don't worry! Along with all those tutorials and assists, there are plenty of little tips you can pick up.

As always, our friends at RacingGames.GG have you covered when it comes to MotoGP 21.

From finding your feet to getting the perfect corner entry and working on your setups, their beginner's guide has what you need!



As with any racing game, setting up the vehicle just right for the track is crucial to unlocking pace.

Here are the track-specific setups you need to push your way towards the championship!