GRID: Get your heart racing

Codemasters’ latest trailer demonstrates just what this game can do. Get ready to spark rivalries.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Get ready to go racing like never before when GRID comes out on 11 October.

Codemasters’ latest racer puts you at the centre of the action in races around the world and in iconic cars, but it is about more than just location and machine.

GRID promises to create racing drama like never before.


New trailer

Their latest trailer demonstrates not just the beauty of GRID, but the intensity and drama of on-track battles and the development of racing rivalries.

While the trailer flashes the amazing locations like the Okutama Sprint course with the Honda CRX and Audi R8, and the gorgeous Shanghai streets and Acura DPi and Cadillac DPi-V.R, the real focus is on the actual racing. The close, physical battling that games like F1 2019 and WRC 8 cannot compete with.

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Deepest AI yet

GRID has 400 AI personalities, ranging from calm and defensive to aggressive and forward-thinking. From measured and predictable to inconsistent and surprising. This creates a remarkable canvass for you to drop into and drive.

“We want players to feel excited no matter where they finish – whether that’s in first place or coming out on top against your arch nemesisChris Smith, GRID Game Director

This desire to create excitement and engagement has led to the introduction of something that could change the way future gaming AI is made: The Nemesis System.

This is the idea that drivers can produce spontaneous and deep rivalries through overly aggressive driving. You only need to look at the way Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen consistently found each other on track and battled fiercely in recent seasons to know that theses things can just happen if one driver aggravates another.

To replicate that Codemasters’ have introduced the Nemesis System, which means if you start knocking wheels with a driver or divebomb them and bang them off-course they will become your nemesis and treat you as the target, not the win.

That doesn’t mean they will spin you out and end your race, but instead will fight you harder, make a more aggressive attempt to pass you, and never let you past. It means that even if you are down the order you can still have an intense and emotional race against your rival.

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We were able to preview GRID last week and the game certainly lives up to its hype. With accessible and forgiving handling that will allow anyone to jump in and have fun, GRID can be turned up to a fun sim racer if you remove the assists like traction control and stability control.

The cars all have a unique feel, from the iconic Mini Cooper to Fernando Alonso’s championship-winning Renault F1 car. You can feel where the grip is even on the pad, and really push yourself to the edge. AI opponents battle with you and each other, adding to the drama and making life tricky for even the best drivers.


Toby Durant