GRID: Fernando Alonso to feature in new street racing game

Codemasters are gearing up for a new release this October with a big name to race against.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Codemasters have had a busy year so far.

They have nailed F1 2019 which is producing a superb racing experience for gamers on every platform. Now they are bringing back street racing with GRID.

Earlier this month RealSport were given a behind-the-scenes peak at what is to come from this game and now Codemasters have released a new gameplay video for GRID which has a scheduled release date of October 11th, 2019 on PlayStation 4, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam).

The Ultimate Edition is slated to provide 3 days of early access.

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GRID gameplay footage

This latest GRID gameplay footage shows off the stunning Havana street circuit in all its glory as well as some of the more powerful cars in the game and new foe to race against…

Game Director Chris Smith and Community Manager Chris Groves take you through the new footage, outlining key features in GRID, such as available circuits and the Teammates, Rivals and Nemesis systems.

Using the livery of his FA Racing team, the video captures the chase as the Codemasters team hunts down Fernando Alonso: GRID’s Race Consultant, who is also an AI opponent in the game. This is an exciting piece of news for fans that miss the fiery Spaniard in F1 this year.

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GRID’s Nemesis system

One of the big features GRID boasts is an AI driving system called Nemesis mode. If you get your elbows out too often with an AI driver they will start to do the same to you, becoming more aggressive and more difficult to race.

This brings a sense of personality and life to your AI opponents and should keep races fluid and fresh throughout the game.

Realistic but fun

GRID looks set to toe the line between a realistic sim and fun arcade game. The ability, and encouragement, to drift around corners and the fact that getting a bit too close with fellow racers won’t send key body work flying means that this game should fill a nice little gap in the market for race fans.

If you enjoy the precision of F1 but not the need for perfection then GRID will be the game for you. Codemasters have an impeccable reputation. After the success of the F1 franchise and Dirt 2.0 the motorsport gaming community will have high expectations for GRID.

This latest gameplay teaser shows of stunning scenery with close, combative, racing. What more could we possibly want?

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Toby Durant