GRID 2019 Release: REVIEW – An exciting & entertaining racer thanks to revolutionary AI

Codemasters have a hit on their hands with this eclectic & unique racing experience.

Why should you spend your hard-earned money and purchase yet another game? There are a lucky few for who £50 or $60 is there to spend so they can risk buying a game that doesn’t truly captivate.

For the rest of us though, there is only the budget for a few titles a year, making this question the most important one for a developer to answer when they are coming up with a fresh concept.

Developers always like to laud amazing leaps forward in gameplay or creative story-telling, but these are rarely things that can be tested in trailers or interviews, so hype is built around new features and often companies trade on credibility from previous titles.

No one doubts the ability of RockStar to produce an amazing game regardless of what pre-release hype there might be.

Codemasters are in a similar position. After the success of F1 2019 they have a lot of credit in the bank with racing gamers. Using that credit to revive an old title like GRID could be a misstep, unless of course the game delivers on what it promises.

So, is GRID the unpredictable, adrenaline-filled, racer that Codemasters have been telling us it is?

An exciting driving experience

The first, and often only, thing a racing game needs is a reliable and fun driving experience, and that is what GRID delivers. On pad or with a wheel you will have fun with this game.

With the assists on anyone can enjoy the thrill of GRID, with them off GRID will bite back at the unprepared and the present a challenge to anyone. The difficulty settings, as well as traction control, ABS, and stability assists all have a nice gradient to them, allowing you to find your level and then make changes to keep the challenge up.

The cars are all unique. The powerful GTs feel like trying to tame a beast. The single-seaters are nimble and agile while the stock cars can feel like a bus in comparison.

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It’s a complete driving experience, with circuit racing around Silverstone and Sepang, or streets that have such high kerbs you can bounce your car onto its roof if you aren’t careful.

Completing the feel of this game is the sound engineering. Everything from the tone of the engines to the rolling bumps, the screech of the tyres, and the roar of the crowd all adds to the immersive feel of GRID.

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