Gran Turismo 7 Trailer: Reveal, career mode, gameplay, PS5 & more

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The Playstation 5's official reveal broadcast also confirmed something that has been rumoured for years now.

There is a new Gran Turismo on the way and it will be on Sony's next-gen console.


Gran Turismo 7 was revealed in a trailer last month, which also showed off its career mode and racing gameplay. Here's everything that has been revealed to us so far!

Table of Contents

Reveal trailer

The announcement trailer begins with a panning shot of racing controls in the cockpit of a high-performance car. This is then abruptly interrupted by a car spinning out on-track.

GT7 logo

REAL RACING: GT7's logo reveals what we suspected since last year

The text "for next gen" then appears on-screen, leaving us with no doubt as to whether GT7 will be on PS5.

Beautiful shots of cars racing and classic cars arriving at a circuit then fill the screen. This shows off the amazing graphics and huge variety of cars that will be on offer in GT7.


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There's a shot of your driver walking towards his car before "Gran Turismo is back" shows on the screen.

Polyphony then pull out all the stops, showcasing racing action at beautiful vistas in some stunning cars. If one thing is for certain in GT7, it's that the graphics will be absolutely cutting edge.

Career mode trailer

Career mode is then given the spotlight and we're shown "GT Town", your home screen for single player mode.

GT7 future Mercedes

FUTURISTIC: GT7's career mode is what other racers will aim to be going forward


There's a lot to dissect here and most of it will already be familiar to GT's old guard. Sarah guides you through GT Town, as we explore the garage (Home), tuning shop and GT World.

GT World is the portal to access races around the world and Home is where your favourite cars are stored.

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It's very reassuring to see how in-depth the attributes of the cars are. This is further complemented by the huge scale of upgrades available to players.

Rupert is your advisor for customisation, telling you what exactly each part will change on your car. Customisation has always been impressive in Gran Turismo and GT7 won't be an exception to this rule.

Gameplay trailer

Gran Turismo is the self-declared Real Driving Simulator and what we see of the racing in this trailer doesn't disappoint.

GT7 Mazda Reveal Trailer min

HIGH-SPEED RACING: The glimpse of GT7 racing we got was brilliant

You're racing around the Trial Mountain circuit in the USA's Sierra Nevada mountains, chasing down the leading trio.

You're driving the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept car, which has been heavily featured in GT7 promotions.

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The circuit is high-speed and undulating, a literal roller coaster ride. The Mazda's engine sounds exactly like the V8 Formula 1 cars. The noise makes your hair stand on end, especially when you enter the tunnel.

You're ducking and diving to get past the leaders, it's a high-octane and ever-changing battle.

The AI are also given some airtime here, as the leader of the race blocks you from passing and uses the racing line to perfection. Don't expect an easy ride in single player mode, these aren't pushovers.


Full trailer

If you want to take a look at the full trailer, the video is available to view below: