Gran Turismo 7 Price: Editions, Pre-order, Release Date, PS5 & More

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The Playstation 5's official reveal trailer has us all talking and Gran Turismo 7 was one of the highlights of the show.

While not confirmed as a launch title, GT7 will be the first major racing exclusive on the PS5.

How much will Polyphony's latest racing game cost though? And what versions will be available? We've got everything you need to know below!

How much will it cost?

Just like the PS5 system itself, Gran Turismo 7's price is unknown. If we follow the trend of other next-gen games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla though, we can expect GT7 to cost around £60.

GT7 Mazda Reveal Trailer min
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CREME OF THE CROP: GT7 will be worth its asking price.

It's unlikely that GT7 will be available on PS4 but if it does get released on current-gen, it could well be cheaper.

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Current big releases on PS4 normally ship at £55 from launch. However, when hardware becomes outdated (which the PS4 will be when the PS5 is out) games normally go for less.

We could see GT7 being available for as little as £50 or £45, but again, this is just speculation. Official announcements for price and release date will be made closer to the game's rumoured "Holiday 2020" date.

Where can I pre-order it from?

Currently there's no official release date for GT7, so it's unable to be pre-ordered. An internet search of "Gran Turismo 7 pre-order" will only return results for Gran Turismo Sport.

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You'd expect that the usual major UK video game retailers of Amazon, GAME and the PlayStation Store will all have GT7 available to pre-order when this info becomes available.

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Special editions

Polyphony typically didn't release collector's nor special version of their games to go alongside the standard edition.

In the past, "Prologue" Gran Turismos were released prior to the main game to wet the appetite of fans. That hasn't happened since the PS3's GT5 though and there's no sign of it re-emerging for GT7.

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PULLING OUT ALL THE STOCKS: Collector's editions could be available to hardcore fans

However, in recent times, there have been special editions released, most notably for GT Sport.

Nothing has officially been announced, but the collector's edition of GT Sport was £80, while the limited edition was £60.

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The limited edition came with a Collectible steelbook Case and cars and in-game currency upon starting.

The collector's edition was certainly worth the extra £20, as it included a gold steelbook, racing guide, in-game currency and a model Mercedes car.

We could see similar if not slightly higher costs for GT7's equivalents.

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