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17 Dec 2020

Give Me Strength Moments: Our straight-talking community comments (Sponsored)

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Online chaos

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Track limits nightmares

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Mario madness

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Racing is a superb outlet for energy and frustration after a long day, but as we’ve seen over the course of the last few weeks it can also be a cause of headaches itself!

Our racing experts have shared their Give Me Strength moments when it comes to topics like track limits, pushing too hard, or issues only online racing can present. The times when popping a Trebor Extra Strong mint is the only thing that can give you the straight-talking confidence to call out the nonsense in everyday life.

Throughout we have been asking for your Give Me Strength moments too. Across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram you have replied in your droves, and a few topics have really resonated with the racing community.

Let’s take a look at your Give Me Strength moments and see who has won a brand new Logitech G923, courtesy of Trebor!

Online chaos

The carnage of online multiplayer was a common theme for everyone. From crazy crashes at the first corner to overambitious divebombs and bad sportsmanship, everyone has had a Give Me Strength moment in online racing.

community online rage

Sore losers always have us asking for strength and in need of some confidence.

The opening lap of any race can always be chaotic, and the same goes in the virtual world. Plenty of you have suffered some race rage from getting caught up in other peoples accidents.

community sim racing moment

Or from the indignity of an undeserved penalty.

brake checked moment

sim race moment community

Track limits nightmares

Everyone has a least favourite track (Singapore) and corner (Corkscrew), but you came out in force to let us know your least favourites.

track limits community

While both fun tracks to race on, Canada’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and Italy’s Monza took the brunt of your posts for having some horrible track limits issues and walls that are always ready to welcome you.

Unsurprisingly, Monaco also came up frequently as a track that always left you needing some cool Extra Strong confidence.

community monaco

Mario madness

While traditional racing games like Formula 1 and Gran Turismo, everyone’s favourite childhood racer Mario Kart had you reaching for the Extra Strong mints.

With its chaotic weapons and rage-inducing tracks, there were plenty of you that saw red in the Nintendo classic.

Mario Kart Hell
Wario community
Blue Shells Mario Kart
Mario Kart GMS

It’s safe to say that everyone that has played a Mario Kart game has experienced at least one Give Me Strength moment!


Thanks to Trebor, we are giving away a Logitech G923 wheel & pedals to one lucky winner.

To be eligible you had to reply to one of our Give Me Strength social posts and include the #GiveMeStrength.

We had hundreds of responses and some that had our virtual office in stitches. Our racing experts have chosen their favourite moment among your clips, photos, and memories.

We can now announce that the lucky winner is… Sam Armstrong, who posted a video of the quintessential rage quit moment in racing. Finally having a clean qualifying lap and setting up for a good race, only to have a torpedo ruin the race at turn 1. Talk about needing the minty straight-talking confidence of Trebor!

Give Me Strength Winner
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