Forza Motorsport Editions: Deluxe Edition, Ultimate Edition, Pre-order, Release Date, Xbox Series X & More

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There was a time when special and collector's editions of major titles weren't common, but they're now the norm.

Forza Motorsport was revealed as an Xbox Series X exclusive in last week's Games Showcase.

Xbox racing gamers will be itching to get their hands on the new game. What special editions will be available upon release, though? A look to the recent past should give us a good idea at what we can expect to see.

Deluxe Edition

We'll start with the Deluxe Edition, the next step up from the "Standard" version of the game. Looking at the previous two Forza games, Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4 should show us what to expect from it.

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SLIDING WITH STYLE: Horizon 4's Deluxe Edition included additional drifters

In Horizon 4, the Deluxe Edition came with the Formula Drift Car Pack and the Car Pass. Collectively, these two add-ons included over 50 additional cars for your garage.

In Forza 7, the Deluxe Edition include membership for Forza VIP. This gave players access to special cars and events that those with the standard edition wouldn't be able to experience.

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Forza 7's Deluxe Edition also included exclusive Fast and Furious and Hoonigan car packs.

Both Deluxe Editions of the game cost £65 at launch, so expect Forza 8's equivalent to cost around the same.

Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition of Forza is the cream of the crop when it comes to choosing which version of the game to buy.

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PREMIUM: The Ultimate Edition is the complete Forza experience

Horizon 4's Ultimate Edition included the previously mentioned add-ons plus some more. The Best of Bond Car Pack, Fortune Island, LEGO Speed Champions and VIP membership were also included.

Forza 7's Ultimate edition came with all the add-ons of the Deluxe version but also with an additional Car Pass.

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Both Ultimate versions of the game also came in a limited edition steelbook and cost £80 at launch.

Other Editions

Forza is to Xbox what Gran Turismo is to PlayStation, it's the main racing sim on Microsoft's home console.

It's honestly surprising that Turn 10 haven't included versions of Forza which come with limited edition collectables nor equipment such as a wheel and pedals.

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GT have done this to perfection, which won't have gone unnoticed. Don't be too surprised to see a Collector's Edition of Forza Motorsport with a bespoke wheel and pedals, especially as this is for a new console.

It should also be noted that Forza Motorsport 6 had an exclusive Xbox One skin. Again, as with the wheel, with this being the first Forza of the Series X, this would be a big opportunity to sell some limited edition units.

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