RealOpinions: Formula E needs a game, but it might be better served as part of F1 2020 & beyond

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Video games and other home entertainment media are more popular than ever thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown.

In the absence of motor racing, Formula 1, Formula E, IndyCar and other motorsports have been putting on a virtual show for fans stuck at home.

This has been a fantastic distraction from what's going on in the outside world, but Formula E's recent Race at Home Challenge got us thinking.

The event had to take place on rFactor 2, as there isn't an official video game for the all-electric series available. This is an area that FE has to look into if it is to continue its impressive growth in recent years.

What would form should the FE video game be in though? This is what we'd like to see in the coming years!

Standalone game

Many major motorsport series already have their own dedicated video game. NASCAR, MotoGP, and of course Formula 1 already have theirs, but Formula E does not.

Formula E could release its own video game that solely focusses on its series.

Would it clash too much with F1 though?

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The official Formula 1 game is huge and will only continue to grow with the introduction of features like its My Team mode. To compete against a juggernaut like that will be very difficult.

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So, if you can't beat them, join them!

Formula E in the F1 game?

This might not be an issue from a commercial side, as although Formula 1 and Formula E are owned by different organisations, they fall under the FIA's umbrella.

Formula 2, F1's direct feeder series, was added in for F1 2019 and there's no reason why they can't go further. Formula 3 being added for F1 2021 wouldn't add a great deal to the overall package, but FE would.

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Former Formula 1 stars such as Felipe Massa, Sebastian Buemi, and Jean-Eric Vergne all race in Formula E. So, there are some familiar names on the grid for F1 fans.

It could also play into Formula 1's Career Mode too and especially My Team. Formula 2 drivers are confirmed to be able to be promoted into F1, so why not the Formula E drivers too?

Action-packed and Challenging Racing

Formula E's Race at Home highlighted how action-packed the racing in FE is.

FE's calendar is comprised of slow-speed street circuits but the drama on-track is sensational. Tight and twisty street tracks make for intense racing and a challenge that is completely different to the purpose-built circuits abundant in F1.

Formula E race at home challenge
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BATTLE ON THE STREETS: FE's racing is vastly different to F1

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Formula E may have some of the same host cities as F1 (such as Mexico City and Monaco), but it uses different track configurations.

A popular thing to try in this new game would be to race F1 and F2 cars on these FE circuits and vice versa.

Energy management is be key in an FE game, something that has been included in the form of ERS in the F1 game. Instead of losing 160bhp if you run out though, you'll lose it all and fail to finish.

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The stakes don't get much higher than that!

There's even aspects that work perfectly in video game format, such as its "Mario Kart boost". Some regard the feature as a gimmick, but its introduction into FE leads us onto our next point.

Social Media in Racing

Whether you like it or not, social media is a huge part of our everyday life. Sports aren't exempt from it and platforms such as Facebook have over 2.5 billion users.

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LEARNING FROM THE BEST: FM has introduced social media to much success

Despite its importance in modern day society, none of the Formula 1 games have included it.

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As early as F1 2011, David Croft mentioned that "your fans on Twitter would like to know etc..." But so far, the closest we have to this in F1 2019 are the press snippets that your agent sends you about your rivals.

With Formula E's Fan Boost so important, this would be a golden opportunity to introduce social media.


Fan Boost is awarded to the five "most popular" drivers and is voted for via the sport's website.

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This could easily be replicated in-game, with your interactions and followers on Twitter helping to give you an advantage.

Codemasters have to continue to innovate to stay ahead of the competition. The introduction of Formula E into their flagship title would be a coup, even by their lofty standards.

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