Singapore Grand Prix Classic: Alonso takes controversial win at F1’s inaugural night race

We flash back to 2008’s race for Alonso’s win under the lights.

George Howson by George Howson

Background and opening exchanges

The 2008 Formula 1 season is remembered by most for the rivalry between McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, and it was the latter that claimed pole position as Singapore made its debut on the F1 calendar. Hamilton was six-tenths of a second behind Massa and found himself in a Ferrari sandwich as Kimi Raikkonen was starting third.

For the start of the race, the weather was typically Singaporean, hot, humid and with very little wind, which ensured the drivers would have an extreme physical challenge ahead of them. Even without any sunlight shining down on them, two hours of navigating the tight and twisty Marina Bay Street Circuit for the first time would prove to be a real test.

The front three got away in formation, with Massa leading Hamilton who was ahead of Raikkonen, and surprisingly all 20 cars got round the first lap without incident. The leading pair soon dropped Kimi and appeared to be in a class of their own at over a second a lap faster than the rest of the field.


George Howson