Italian Grand Prix 2017: What did we learn from today’s race?

It might be Ferrari’s home race but it was aced by a familiar sight at the front of the grid: Lewis Hamilton. Monza brought massive speed, great overtakes and a lot more.

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You don’t come to Monza only to witness a slice of racing history, the track being the oldest in the current F1 calendar. Rather, you come to the “cathedral of speed”, to engage with a racing spectacle that excites fans, racing nerds and worshipers of speed in a blazing 53-lap contest.

Herein lies Monza’s phenomenon: Despite the circuit’s seemingly harmless layout, it’s elongated straits, high-speed corners and the legendary “Parabolica” task drivers with a tantalizing challenge that only the most skillful, like a Schumacher (most race wins- 5), can master.

But on Sunday, as the Italian Grand Prix welcomed fans, having treated them to horrendous weather on Saturday, Monza was back to usual business.

RealSport bring you the 5 things that we learned from the 87th Italian Grand Prix