Will latest F1 2019 patch kill your setups?

Codemasters’ new update could affect your pace, so you’ll need to tweak your aero and suspension.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

F1 2019 has been a terrific game since it hit the shelves just a few weeks ago, but it is not without its bugs and issues. Like every game there have been some problems with F1 2019, like achievements not unlocking correctly, but it also needs to balance performance to match the real F1 championship which has recently heated up. Codemasters have promised a new patch soon that could well affect how you need to setup your car not just for each track but maybe even for each team.

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F1 2019 patch 1.05

The main aim of this patch is to redress the pace of teams in-line with the actual performance we see on track most Sundays. You may have noticed that George Russell has been able to get his Williams to the P14-16 range in your career mode, that should come to an end and see the grand old team brought down. Likewise the McLaren team can expect to receive a pace boost as it is currently well ahead of the midfield pack in 4th place.

The overall pace of the cars is going to see an improvement too as they are still setting lap records despite regulation efforts to slow cars down in 2019. As a result Codemasters will rebalance the aerodynamic performance and allow higher cornering speeds that could reduce lap times by 1-1.5 seconds.

The addition of more aerodynamic performance could well mean you can reduce your wing angle to generate more straight line speed and even loosen up those suspension geometry settings and the overall stiffness of the car to save tyre life a little. If you love changing up the cars you race in you could well see the need for car-specific setups come along too, as Codies have promised to refresh and update individual car handling models. This means teams like Racing Point will likely require more aero to help provide downforce, while the Haas will be exceptionally cruel to their tyres. So be ready to tweak your setups if you find yourself jumping from one team to another every race.

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Additional patch notes

AI performance in the wet has been a big problem so far, with the non-user drivers struggling for pace. That will be fixed in both F1 and F2 cars so you will have to up your game in the wet now. AI will also get an improvement in their blocking behaviour, making them harder to pass at the usual overtaking spots. F2 cars will become available in multiplayer in unranked lobbies and LAN games as well.

There are some more specific tweaks such as fixing the rain/ERS lights on PS4 Pro and some force feedback problems that had occurred with Fanatec wheels. A shutter speed bug in photo mode has been fixed, while the First Ten Down achievement/trophy will unlock correctly too.

When will the patch drop?

Codemasters haven’t given us a solid date but have promised the patch in the next week or two. It is currently being tested across all platforms so be ready for a nice update in the near future when you switch on to play.

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F1 2019 was not an incomplete game when it hit the shelves in late June, but the early release date certainly prevented a few cosmetic updates coming in. After the 1.05 patch you can expect to see an update to the Paul Ricard pit lane in July/August, a refreshed car visuals update that includes the Ferrari 90th anniversary livery in August, and in September the 2019 F2 season should hit the game and create even more gameplay for players.


Toby Durant