F1 2019: Miami Grand Prix proposals move forward

A second US-based Grand Prix could be added to 2019 calendar as proposals for a Miami street race forge ahead. RealSport exlpores what this means for Formula One.

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The United States Grand Prix held under the burning Texas sun each year is one of the more keenly followed events of the roster. Now imagine having another race in the American heartland? How interesting might that be?

About a year ago, when, perhaps playfully answering at a press conference where he’d love F1 to host another Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton replied: “Miami,” journalists might have taken his answer lightly. 

But now F1 is considering bringing Grand Prix racing to the party capital of Florida, many will be excited, not in the least Hamilton – who boasts a great fanbase in America.

But for the new proposal to go ahead, it’s essential that the Miami City Commission gets enough votes at an upcoming agenda. The results of the vote, will be available in the public domain by next week, by which time the F1 roadshow will have arrived in Europe.

Miami, no stranger to motor sport racing has been the perennial home to divergent racing events. Among these are the Trans American Grand Prix and the iconic Le Mans, the latter held back in 2002 and 2003 was an event aced by Audi who ended as podium toppers in consecutive runs.

Is the prospect of a Miami Grand Prix in 2019 really that exciting?

Hell, yes. If public sentiment is considered, a resounding confirmation can be expected. For starters, a Grand Prix in Miami will provide the F1 contingent – pundits, drivers and fans included- the mouthwatering prospect of having another street circuit on the season.

And with Azerbaijan fresh in the memory, we know the panic and madness such caustic competitions can bring. Also, celebrated events like Monaco have provided the sport with pomp and glamour – and heart-pounding racing – over the years, and the same could be expected from a Miami Grand prix. 

The last time the United States played host to a street race was way back in 1991, at Phoenix, Arizona, under the guise of the US GP. The prospect of a return to narrow streets, high-braking corners and F1 cars go flat out in the surge for excellence, augurs well for the sport when F1 is refashioning its global presence. This would be a real flex of the muscles for the sport’s new leadership.

Is the US ready for more F1?

In the past, the sport struggled to gain popularity in the United States. A combination of schedule times, a lack of US drivers and teams, complex regulations and a lack of competitiveness rendered the sport unappealing to the mass market. However, the return of the sport to US soil in Austin and the emergence of an American team has peaked interest once again.

Now, the prospect of watching multiple world champions such as Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen going wheel-to-wheel, combined with a better aerodynamic package to boost overtaking in 2019 could see the sport gain real traction in the US.

If the plans go ahead, the inaugural race could take place in October 2019.

What do you make of these proposals? And in which country would you like to see F1 racing? Let us know in the comments below.