F1 2019 Game: 5 Unlikely Overtaking Spots

Want to surprise your opponent? These are the corners to catch them off guard and dive pass.

George Howson by George Howson

Like in the real life sport, overtaking in F1 2019 is difficult.

With the dirty air effect from the car ahead playing havoc with your aerodynamics and reduces your performance.

When you’re defending your position, you tailor your fuel and ERS so that you’re fastest on the parts of the track where it’s easiest to get past another car, usually the DRS straights. 

Ironically, this tactic makes it possible to overtake during points on the circuit where you normally wouldn’t expect.

The element of surprise is important in Formula 1, it’s easy to get stuck behind a slower car on a track where passing is difficult, so these areas should be able to get you past them and improve your race result.

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1. Massenet, Monaco

Driving the Circuit de Monte Carlo is a difficult enough task by itself and overtaking is near-impossible, so anywhere you can pull off a move will be very welcome.

The sole DRS zone on the track is on the start/ finish straight, but overtaking into Turn 1 is difficult, as getting on the power out of the final corner is tricky when following another car.

Because of this, it’s sometimes better to brake early into Saint Devote and get a good run up the hill into Massenet. The slipstream is surprisingly strong up here, thanks to the high downforce you’ll be running. It’s very narrow, but there’s still room to get by another car here, if you have the momentum, not much can stop you.

I’ve never been passed by the AI in the DRS zone in Monaco, but I have into Massenet, so the game rates this location as a passing spot too.

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2. Turn 5, Hungary

Hungary is like Monaco without the barriers and overtaking around the Hungaroring is similarly difficult. There are two DRS zones on the circuit, but it’s the section just after that which provides arguably the best spot on the track to pass.

If you stick close to the car ahead through Turns 1, 2 and 3, you get an excellent slipstream going into Turn 4. Even though there’s only a short burst going towards Turn 5, the AI are usually slow here, so you can throw a late move down the inside, as the racing line goes towards the outside.

It’s risky, and it isn’t easy, but I’ve completed more moves here than Turn 1, and it’ll definitely surprise human opponents just like the AI.

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3. Copse, Britain

If you’ve seen Lewis Hamilton’s and Valtteri Bottas’ battle here from this year’s British Grand Prix, you might not be too surprised at this one. However, pulling a move off here in F1 2019 is even harder than real life, as you need to lift for this corner in the game. 

It’s difficult to follow closely through Luffield, but the slipstream going through the old start/finish straight is strong and gives you an excellent chance to overtake if you nail it. If you’re alongside, you can go to the inside or outside of your opponent, both give a chance to pass. You have to be brave and trust your rival to lift, but it’s very hard to stop a faster car getting by.

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4. Rindt, Austria

When the car in front’s tyres are struggling, the Rindtkurve is one of the best corners of the Red Bull Ring to get past. After the high-speed Turns 4-6, the difference in grip levels between you and your opponent can become clear, as a poor exit out of Turn 5 can leave you vulnerable to attack.

The slipstream can make you an unstoppable freight train and if you can get to the inside for Turn 7, you will get past. This will also leave you with a comfortable gap to your rival, so you won’t have to worry about being attacked down the next three DRS straights.

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5. Turn 7, China

The Shanghai International Circuit may have the longest straight in Formula 1, but there’s another area that provides an overtaking opportunity. If you can’t get close enough for an attack into Turn 6, Turn 7 provides another chance to get by.

The run up to this high-speed left-hander is long enough to get a slipstream on the car ahead. You realistically have to get on the inside to make this work, but if your downforce is good enough, you can power past without many problems.

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What are your favourite unlikely spots in F1 2019? One of the ones above or another we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!


George Howson