F1 2019: Achievement & Trophy Guide

What do you need to do to 100% F1 2019?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Every new game brings a new set of achievements and trophies to earn. There are some gamers out there that love to collect these in-game markers, but even those of us that don’t care still enjoy seeing an achievement pop after we do something impressive.

F1 2019 has a raft of new features. From the debut of the F2 championship to the inclusion of Ayrton Senna & Alain Prost, the game has been a triumph for Codemasters and with the Legends Edition already out and the normal game available from 28 June, 2019.

Like a lot of games, F1 2019’s achievements/trophies focus on new features and push you to use most aspects of the game. There aren’t any secret achievements, which makes collecting them all a little easier, but a good number will take some serious effort to try and unlock them. The majority of achievements this year focus in on career mode and using the new F2 feeder series. They require you to take on new rivals Devon Butler and Lukas Weber as well as try your hand in the new F2 cars. You will also have to grind away at multiplayer and time trial.

F1 2019 Achievement & Trophy List

We have listed every single achievement/trophy of F1 2019 in the table below. How far can you go on the road to Platinum?

Achievement Description Xbox One Gamerscore PS4 Trophy
Experience F2 Complete your first race with an F2 car in career mode 15 Bronze
Showing Your Intentions Finish ahead of Lukas or Devon in an F1 race 20 Bronze
Assisting Development Complete an F1 practice programme in career mode 15 Bronze
Second Chance Activate a Flashback during a race 10 Bronze
Master Skills Complete an F1 race with all driving assists turned off 20 Bronze
Memories Play a captured highlight 10 Bronze
Not Again, Jeff! Tell Jeff to be quiet 10 Bronze
Manual Master Win a race whilst using manual transmission 15 Bronze
Car Geek Read information on a car in the showroom 15 Bronze
Personal Touch Choose a player badge 10 Bronze
Love the Look! Obtain a livery for your multiplayer car 10 Bronze
Weekend Warrior Complete a Weekly Grand Prix 15 Bronze
Featured Racer Complete a Featured Race 15 Bronze
Raining Champion Complete an F1 Time Trial in wet conditions 15 Bronze
Perfect Start Get pole position 20 Bronze
Reach Level 5 Reach level 5 XP 15 Bronze
Reach Level 10 Reach level 10 XP 20 Bronze
Ice Cool Complete a clean race 20 Bronze
Photo Fiddler Make an adjustment within photo mode 15 Bronze
Safe Mode Achieve a safety rating of A in multiplayer mode 20 Bronze
Pure Gold Achieve a gold skill rating 20 Bronze
Epic Drive Complete a race using the Ferrari F2004 at Monza 15 Bronze
First Ten Down Complete 10 races online 10 Bronze
Monaco Victor Win a 25% distance (or longer) F1 race at Monaco (any difficulty) 15 Bronze
Something to Prove Accept a contract with McLaren or Alfa Romeo 20 Bronze
Contender Accept a contract with Williams, Racing Point, Renault, Toro Rosso, or Haas 20 Bronze
Great Expectations Accept a contract with Red Bull, Ferrari, or Mercedes 20 Bronze
Exclusive Club Member Win a 25% distance (or longer) race against Ultimate AI opponents 15 Bronze
League Joined Join a league 10 Bronze
You got One! Win a league medal 10 Bronze
Nice Threads Change your driver’s appearance 15 Bronze
F2 Racer Complete the “2018 FORMULA 2 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” championship event 15 Bronze
Sit Back and Relax Spectate an online race 20 Bronze
Cool and Calm Reach maximum sportsman rating 20 Bronze
Seeing it Through to the End Apply all vehicle upgrades from one department 20 Bronze
Early Beginnings Complete the first weekend of an F1 season 25 Bronze
I Like This One Set a favourite trophy 20 Bronze
Perfectly Executed Activate DRS perfectly on all zones of any track 15 Bronze
Dreams Become Reality Complete the F2 feeder series and start to pursue a move to F1 30 Silver
Victory! Get on the F1 podium for the first time 25 Silver
The Whole Event Complete all events in a Weekly Grand Prix 30 Silver
Season Victory Win the F1 Drivers’ Championship 30 Silver
Constructors’ Victory Win the F1 Constructors’ Championship 30 Silver
Feeling Smug Get promoted to first driver 30 Silver
Look at Them Go! Set the fastest time in all 3 practice sessions, take pole position and win the Grand Prix 30 Silver
Reach level 25 Reach level 25 XP 30 Silver
Around the World Register a time trial entry on every track 40 Silver
You Big Show Off! Reach maximum showman rating 20 Silver
Reach Level 50 Reach level 50 XP 50 Gold
First Amongst Rivals Finish ahead of Devon and Lukas by the end of an F1 season 50 Gold
Racing Legend Acquire every Trophy in F1 2019 Platinum


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