F1 2020 PS4 Pre-Order: Where to pre-order, price, cost, Deluxe Edition, Seventy Edition & more

Sony players can secure their copy of the Codemasters game on release day and start their F1 journey.

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f1 2020 ps4 pre order

With the return of Formula 1 set, the anticipation for the upcoming F1 2020 game is growing!

F1 fans and gamers on PS4 can pre-order the new Codemasters game here, which releases on 10 July.

Keep reading for more details.

F1 2020 PS4 Pre-Order

Pre-orders are open for PS4 players.

You can pre-order the Seventy Edition of F1 2020 here.

Hanoi screenshot F1 2020 1
HANOI STREETS: The new Vietnam GP is on F1 2020

Given the coronavirus lockdowns and issues with delivery, a pre-order is the best way of guaranteeing you get the game on release date.

If you’re willing to pay more there are some amazing extras you can get.

F1 2020 PS4 Deluxe Edition

This year’s Deluxe Edition revolves around the legendary Michael Schumacher.

Schmacher Benetton 94 Melbourne 02 watermarked
SCHUMI: Michael won his first world title in this car

Getting the Deluxe Edition gives you four exclusive Schumacher cars from his career, along with some themed liveries, helmets, and even a podium celebration.

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As if that wasn’t enough you also get three days early access to start your F1 journey.

You can pre-order the Deluxe Edition of F1 2020 here.

F1 2020 PS4 Price

The Seventy Edition of F1 2020 comes in at £54.99. That’s the expected price for a big game.

The Deluxe Edition, for all its extras and early access, is £64.99 – which is a remarkable deal.

Every 30-something F1 fan grew up on a steady diet of amazing Schumacher drives. The chance to jump in the 1991 Jordan, ’94 & ’95 Benettons, and that 2000 scarlet Ferrari is too much to pass up.

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