DIRT 5: New features & game modes in latest trailer - next-gen news

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The successful launch of F1 2020 does not mean that Codemasters is going quiet.

The British racing masters are back with a fresh trailer for their new off-road adventure - DIRT 5.

Along with more muddy action, they have revealed a few key features for players to enjoy. Let's take a look!

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DIRT 5 trailer

The latest trailer for DIRT 5 is full of information.


Beyond the stunning drifts and dramatic scenery, the trailer looks at a lot of the features players can enjoy when they dive into DIRT 5. Let's break it down.



The biggest thing about DIRT 5 is the sheer variety of events and races on offer. You aren't just lapping the same few locations, instead you get to do battle in a number of ways.

Landrush is your classic circuit-based race, albeit on rough terrain with big jumps and challenging weather & track conditions.

Rally Raid is point-to-point racing but with split routes on extreme off-road paths.

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ONE MUDDY BOI: Grip is low and pace at a premium in DIRT 5


Ice Breaker does what it says on the box, puts you on ice tracks that require unique levels of car control to master.

Sprint is all about turning left in 900bhp oval racers that emphasises drifting and momentum.

Path Finder is an all-new and ultra-hardcore off-road challenge focusing on control and strategy to pick your way across the course.

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Ultra Cross takes classic rallycross and amplifies it with varied and unpredictable terrain.

Stampede is all about unmarked layouts on hard, unforgiving landscapes for rough-and-ready machines.

Gymkhana returns


Perhaps the biggest takeaway when it comes to events in DIRT 5 is the return of Gymkhana!

Back for the first time since DiRT Showdown, players will have to string together drifts, donuts, and jumps. With purpose-built arenas and a target score to beat within the time limit, it will test your car control and creativity.

13 car classes

Variety doesn't stop with race styles and locations though, as DIRT 5 features 13 classes of car.

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DUSTY DRIFTERS: The Sprint cars are just designed to drift left


From 80s, 90s, and modern rally all the way to the bizarre Sprint cars, DIRT 5 has something for everyone.

There are a number of bigger off-road vehicles that you won't see on the streets, but a number of GT cars have also had an off-road makeover.

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From the Porsche 911 to Aston Martin V8 Vantage, there will be recognisable machines as well as the steel-framed Rock Bouncers.

Livery Editor & Photo Mode

Along with all the on-track action, DIRT 5 boasts a strong livery editor to allow you creative license with your cars.

There is also a photo mode to snap your best moments and share with friends!


Free next-gen upgrade for PlayStation & Xbox

We already knew that DIRT 5 would take advantage of Smart Delivery for Xbox players.

Codesmasters has also confirmed that PlayStation players can upgrade free of charge when they switch to PlayStation 5.

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