Assetto Corsa Competizione: How accessible is it for new players?

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The Assetto Corsa games are some of the most popular racing simulators available.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is finally making the jump to consoles. PS4 and Xbox One gamers will be able to experience ACC for the first time later this month.

This brings ACC into a whole new market and a lot of racing and Assetto Corsa rookies will be picking up the game.

With such an in-depth game, it's crucial that ACC is accessible to the less experienced player.

Just like the real thing

A glance at how in-depth ACC's physics model is could put off the racing casuals and less experienced players. After all, engineering data as high-tech as CFD and Aerodynamics is a head-scratcher for most.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Trailer Monza
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NO SURPRISES: Racing is just as you'd expect in ACC

That level of realism and detail is meant for the esports and very experienced players, you don't need to use this to beat the AI.

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Yes, it will give you an advantage, but thanks to different difficulty options such as traction control and AI speed, this game can be tailored to each player.

KUNOS - ACC's developers - have also made an effort for the game to be easy to drive on the pad, there's no need to purchase an expensive racing wheel.

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The circuits that ACC has on offer are also well-known in the racing community. World-class venues like the Circuit de Catalunya, Suzuka and the Nurburgring were all showcased in the trailer.

The next level of esports

KUNOS have made their ambition for Assetto Corsa to become the king of racing sims no secret. Gran Turismo is their target, as GT's physics model is often cited as being the most detailed in video gaming.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Trailer screenshot
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LEVEL UP: esports is key to KUNOS' approach for ACC

Lockdown has seen an explosion of popularity for esports, as the digital representations of cars replace the real ones. Despite things returning to normal, esports aren't going anywhere.

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KUNOS have hired GT World Championship drivers such as David Perel to weigh in and improve the physics of ACC.

The developers don't want to stop there either, the envisage a future where esports is as serious and lucrative as real racing.

With drivers like Charles Leclerc and Alex Rossi also playing ACC, the series is very much going in the right direction.



Getting the casual fan onboard and competing in online races is key to ACC's success. Online events will be similar to those found in GT Sport, which is a very positive thing for the game.

Esports have a distinct accessibility advantage over physical sports though. The developers have highlighted esport's increased interactivity, as fans can comment live on drivers' streams.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is released on PS4 and Xbox One on 23 June.

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