When does PUBG Mobile Season 18 start?

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PUBG Mobile has remained one of the top mobile games ever since its release.

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The game is now in its 17th season, but when is Season 18 being released?

When does PUBG Mobile Season 18 start?


PUBG Mobile Season 17 began back in January 2021, continuing to build upon the ever growing fan base and popularity of the game.

As of right now, no official release date has been given for Season 18.

But basing things off previous seasons and their timelines, we can expect to see PUBG Mobile Season 18 launch around March 17th 2021.

Season 18 will bring an all new Battle Pass, skins, weapons and map changes.

Season 17 Royale Pass

The PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royale Pass is stacked with some awesome rewards, including some of the best gun skins and character skins that the game has had in years.


The Season 17 theme is angelic and guardian skins for characters - which create for some awesome looks that players can earn quickly just by playing more PUBG Mobile during the season.



For gun skins, the Season 17 Royale Pass has an AWM skin, Dual Pistols skin, M16A4 skin, and Micro UZI skin.

But while these are nice pickups, the real chase items in the Season 17 Royale Pass are the character skins that are absolutely epic.

The PUBG Universe

During The Game Awards 2020, a new survival horror game The Callisto Protocol was revealed to be part of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in-game universe.

The sci-fi horror, made by former Dead Space developers, is set 300 years into the future of the battle royale.

This won't be the only PUBG spinoff, as the parent company of developer and publisher PUBG Corp is planning several games that will be somehow related to the multiplayer shooter in some way, shape or form.