PUBG Mobile Season 11 update is LIVE: Royale Pass News, New Features, Weapons, Vehicles, Cosmetics & more

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Off the back of a host of delays - not exactly the best way to kick off the decade - the PUBG Mobile Season 11 update is finally here!

A big PUBG Mobile update is being released today on Android and iOS devices, though not everyone will be getting it at the same time.

Tencent has finally confirmed that today, fans will finally see the release of a new patch on all platforms.


However, the studio was unable to provide an exact schedule for when the download will be available to install.

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Some regions will see the launch of the new PUBG Mobile patch before others, but everyone should have access by the end of the day.

The new download will be small in comparison to recent launches, but it comes with a big bonus - check out all the details below.

What's new?

The update will see the release of the following cosmetics:

  • New M416 Skin
  • New M762 Skin
  • Backpack
  • Pan Skin
  • Helmet Skin

The new skins will match the sci-fi futuristic theme so expect a lot of colour and flash that help dazzle your opponents on the battleground.

New 'Town' Map

Coming to Domination mode, the new map ‘Town’ arrives.

Players now can enter the new Arena map, where they will be assigned to either the blue or red team for a 4v4 battle and capture the bases to win.

New weapons

While most Season 11 additions appeal to the Royale Pass subscribers, there are new additions in the game that will be available to the masses. 

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BACK WITH A BANG: The new MP5K will no doubt be a hit with fans who opt for close-quarters combat

Those of you who play in Vikendi, there will be a new submachine gun called MP5K, which equips 9mm ammo and has a damage rating of 33 per bullet


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The MP5K will support all the usual attachments of an SMS (suppressor, extended mag, quickdraw mag, lower rail attachments and tactical stock). 

There will also be a season 11-themed finish on the Kar98 - but with new skins for the SKS, M16A4, Uzi and Pan, why settle for that?

New vehicles

In addition, there will be a new mini SUV called Zima with a top speed of 115 km/h and a new snow bike that replaces the regular bike.

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ROOM WITH A ZOOOOM: A new mini SUV - the Zima - is on the way, and is perfect for rough terrain


If Vikendi is not your taste, watch out for a special attachment called 'canted sight'.

This is one of the most awaited attachments in the game, which has been leaked on several occasions and finally making its way to PUBG Mobile.

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The Canted Sight is a secondary scope that can be used in all weapons.

This is helpful while seamlessly switching between two scopes during combat.