PUBG New State Release Date: When is the game is coming to mobile?

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PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds is a battle royale game largely known for popularising the genre, alongside games like Fortnite. This growth came with it a new mobile release and tonnes of updates since. It makes sense that the team would expand this formula to new places and the near future is a great candidate. With just over a week left, here's when you can play PUBG New State for yourself.

What is PUBG New State?

PUBG New State is a mobile exclusive near future take on PUBG. With advanced weaponry and strange new gear, it takes all the tactical gameplay of PUBG and combines it with faster, stronger and more advanced technology. You can check out its launch trailer right now.


In it, you can see a handful of new bikes alongside new looks and hints at a respawn system. As all the players are on the ground and fighting, we see a friendly unit come down from above, hinting at some way of getting friendly players back.

This being said, it could just be some sort of cinematic flair. It seems we will have to wait until its official release to find out for ourselves.

PUBG New State Release Date and Time

PUBG New State officially launches on November 11th, 2021. This gives players just a few weeks until they can get in there for themselves. You can play it on any current mobile device through the App Store, Google Play and Galaxy Store.


Although we know the release date, we don't yet know the release time. It will likely go live around midday but we'll have to wait another week or so to figure out the official time. We'll update you right here as soon we find out. Expect all the latest news and guides on release.