PUBG Mobile 1.7 Update: Release Date, Mirror World, Patch Notes, & More

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PUBG Mobile's next major update is finally here and there's a new set of Patch Notes to check out. Mirror World is here and you can carry your teammates now, but what else is new?

PATCH NOTES - PUBG Mobile version 1.7 Update

  • New Mode
    • Mirror World - Mirror Island descends as two dimensions merge, transform into Arcane Heroes and fight one another as Jinx, Vi, Jayce, or Caitlyn
  • Royale Pass
    • Royale Pass 5 - Vanguard, Lethal Creepster, Duty Till The End - Kar98k, and Duty Till The End - MK47
  • Modes Returning
    • Vikendi - 16/11/21
    • Metro Royale: Reuinion - 22/11/21
    • Survive Till Dawn - 25/11/21, then rotating every Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    • Infection Mode - 25/11/21, then rotating every Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    • Payload 2.0 - 29/11/21, then rotating every Saturday, Sunday, Monday
    • Runic Power - 30/11/21, then rotating every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
  • Combat Changes
    • Marksman Rifles
      • SLR: Increased recovery speed, increased bullet speed.
      • SKS: Slightly increased recovery speed, increased bullet speed.
      • Mini14: Increased damage at long range.
      • VSS: Slightly increased the weapon's damage
    • DP28 LMG
      • Reduced bullet speed, reduced damage at long range, reduced headshot damage.
    • Carry Feature - You can carry knocked players now

FREE UC - How to grab some free in-game currency

If you're looking for some free UC - Unknown Cash - in PUBG Mobile, we have you covered! All you need to do is clock 120 minutes of gameplay in PUBG Mobile on November 11th.

It really is that simple - play for a couple of hours and you'll get your hands on 600 UC to spend on cosmetics in-game.

This is the same date as New State's launch, though - so you'll be forgiven if you miss out!

PUBG Mobile Update 1.7 Release Date and Time

Were expecting PUBG Mobile Update 1.7 to drop on or around Wednesday, 3 November. There is no set date and we are purely making a well-educated guess based on the release of previous major updates.

As for update time, this is a little more difficult to predict. If we again use previous updates to determine the time, we can expect the update to take place around 20:00 EST / 17:00 PST. This would also mean that the update will not be implemented in Europe until the following day.

We expect the update to be live at around 01:00 BST / 02:00 CEST on Thursday, 4 November for European players.

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