PUBG Mobile: Version 2.2 Adds New Map, Game Mode, And Content

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Tomorrow, PUBG will release the latest version of PUBG Mobile Version 2.2.

Amongst some other content, some of the highlights are a new map, new game modes and much more.

There is also some extra content coming to the game which is sure to keep players busy.

So, let's take a look at all of the confirmed content for PUBG Mobile Version 2.2.

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New PUBG map

The new map Nusa will allow players to explore the tropical island and battle across new locations in Erangel.

This smaller map allows games to end much faster, which means you can get in a quick game before work.

Nusa, new PUB Mobile map
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Included in the new map is some brand new transport too. Players can use ziplines to travel fast and far. Or have more fun in a new 2-seater quad.

Players preparing for their next gunfight can stop and appreciate the beauty, although not for too long.

Gear Front Mode

Gear Front Mode is the newest game mode added to the game.

Players will battle across Erangel, Livik, and Nusa with a number of new skills that will bring faster-paced gunfights.

With new vehicle airdrops, getting around the map has never been faster... or looked so cool.

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PUBG Mobile new content
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  • new social perks for RP players
  • updated RP favourites crates
  • improvements to the RP notification system

New characters

Two new characters will now be added to the roster.

Survival expert Riley and Tech mercenary Sophia will be released during PUBG Mobile version 2.2.

They will also be released with the Spectral Swan and Cosmic Inquisitor set.

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