PUBG Mobile Update 1.18.0: New gun and attachments, patch notes & more

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The wait for PUBG Mobile Season 13 is going to feel a lot shorter thanks to Update 1.18.0.

The newest PUBG Mobile update is coming 7 May, and with it comes new game modes, maps and more. But perhaps most exciting is a new gun and attachment.


Let's go over what we know about the gun and attachment that will be coming to the game.

New gun

The P90 has officially arrived in PUBG Mobile, and it's sure to be a fan favorite like it is in PUBG.

The P90 is one of the most iconic guns in history. Built to have the mobility capabilities of SMGs while packing the piercing punch of an assault rifle, this gun shreds armor. It also wins almost all close ranged engagements, something that will carry over into PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 guns 1 1 1 1

ANOTHER ONE- With Update 1.18.0 you can add the P90 to the wall

You can trick your P90 out in all the standard attachments, but the gun will be debuting in Arena mode first. Whether this is to test it for a full release remains to be seen, but you can experience the gun firsthand in the Update 1.18.0 beta.

New attachment

Along with the debut of the P90 comes the new attachment, the canted sight.


Canted sights are unique in that they allow the player to switch between the canted sight and another scope. So you don't have to drop that faithful 8x just because you happened across the canted sight.

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Functionally this will be a great pickup since it offers you extra vision opportunities with no cost. While it won't be as exciting as the better scopes, it will be more easy to find, and will always be useful.

Other things coming in Update 1.18.0

pubg jungle adventure patch 1 18 0

TAKE COVER- The new Jungle Adventure game mode goes live May 7th

Update 1.18.0 is jam-packed with quality new content for PUBG Mobile. This includes a new map in Miramar 2.0, new event in Mad Miramar, new game modes in Safety Scramble and Jungle Adventure, and plenty more.

All of this new content comes just a week before PUBG Mobile's Season 13, which brings all kinds of amazing new content through its Royale Pass.

Update 1.18.0 patch notes

The patch notes for update 1.18.0 are here and they are extensive!


There are a lot of gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and even a new currency.