PUBG Mobile Season 20 Patch Notes - What Will We See?

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PUBG Mobile has come a very long way since its release mere years ago. Our 19th season with the game has just ended, leaving room for the 20th and this is sure to be a big celebration of everything we've received so far and what we should see in the future. The PUBG Mobile Season 20 Patch Notes are a great way of reading intent for the latest update.

Sometimes, they hold valuable information, sometimes they just prep the game for something much bigger at a later date. Nonetheless, it's always fun to have a loo. Here's when you can expect to see them yourself.


PUBG Mobile Season 20 Release Date

Luckily for players of the game, season 20 releases tomorrow worldwide (and the next day for players in Britain.) If you're looking to play it the second it goes live, look at Season 19's release time to get a good idea.

The servers for season 19 launched at 10 pm EST / 3 am BST so we can expect to see them go live at a similar time.


Full Patch Notes

We don't have the latest PUBG Mobile Season 20 patch notes just yet but you can expect to see them at some point over the next day. Check back here for all the latest information as we find it.

We can look at previous patch notes for an idea of what we might see. Update 1.5's patch notes were very large, seeing fundamental changes to the game with unique items and new areas. It also saw the game participate in a crossover with Tesla with a new in-game car and factory to raid for loot. You can check out all the changes it made right here.

Realistically, season 20's patch notes will also be quite large, adding new guns and items to the game whilst also fixing some longstanding bugs. We will update here as we find more information