PUBG Mobile Season 17: Runic Power, Release Time, Release Date, Royale Pass, Skins, Theme & more

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PUBG Mobile Season 17 is just hours away, introducing a new Royale Pass, game mode (Runic Power), skins, and plenty more!

Here's everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Season 17 and its release time for each time zone.


Latest News: PUBG Mobile Season 17 COUNTDOWN

PUBG Mobile Season 17 is just hours out!

It goes live at these times for the following time zones:

  • 10:00am CST (19 January)
  • 7:30am IST (19 January)
  • 2:00am GMT (19 January)
  • 6:00pm PST (18 January)
  • 9:00pm EST (18 January)

You can count down the hours and catch with everything you need to know about the newest PUBG Mobile season here.

Update 1.2 Introduces Runic Power

PUBG Mobile Update 1.2 is here to shake up the game before Season 17 arrives!


This patch includes massive changes like a new gun (FAMAS), new game mode (Runic Power), new drop (Power Armor), improvements for Metro Royale, and plenty more.

We've broken down the entire PUBG Mobile Update 1.2 Patch Notes here.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Release Date

PUBG Mobile Season 17 is expected to kick off on 19 January.

That means we are just 2 weeks out from release day!

Royale Pass

The PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royale Pass will function like every other, with massive cosmetic rewards that players can earn playing the game.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royale Pass
PICKUPS: Each season's Royale Pass brings tons of amazing rewards

We don't have an official reveal for the Season 17 Royale Pass just yet, but we do have some leaks to go off of that have been reliable in the past.

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This includes a new Micro UZI skin, M16A4 skin, AWM skin, Parachute skin, mythic angelic player skins, and more.

The Royale Pass price will remain 1800 utc.


Each PUBG Mobile Royale Pass is jam-packed with skins, and there are tons to come in Season 17.



The first skins you'll get in the PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royale Pass will be gun skins.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Skins Guns AWM Micro Uzi M16A4
ARM UP: PUBG Mobile Season 17 skins look great according to leaks

This lineup includes a Micro UZI skin, AWM skin, M16A4 skin, and potentially more according to leaks.

Player Skins

We don't have confirmations yet, but these are the PUBG Mobile Season 17 skins according to leaks.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royale Pass Skins Guardians Sickle Set
GUARDIANS: The new PUBG Mobile Season 17 skin themes look amazing

The first new skin coming is the Guardian Armor Set, which features angelic wings and golden white plate armor.

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The second new skin is the Deadly Sickle Set, a darker twist on the angelic theme.

The final new PUBG Mobile Season 17 skin we know so far is the Respledent Dawn Set which features a crown and more regal look.

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