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18 Nov 2020

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Release Date: Season 16 is LIVE! - Royale Pass, Skins & more

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Release Date

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Royale Pass

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Metro Royale

PUBG Mobile Season 16 is finally live!

Here's everything you need to know about the new season and what it brings to the table.

Release Date

PUBG Mobile Season 16 is now live, arriving on Tuesday, 17 November.

That means you can hop into a game now to get started on your Royale Pass.

Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Season 16 will follow a similar structure to previous seasons.

pubg mobile s15 royale pass
GOODIES: PUBG Mobile's Season 15 Royale Pass was stacked, and Season 16 will follow suit!

This means it will come with some big in-game content for all players, while bringing even more for those picking up the Season 16 Royale Pass.

Each PUBG Mobile Royale Pass packs plenty of bang for your UTC, with new skins, gun skins, animations, emotes, and more.

The Season 16 Royale Pass includes the following:

  • Metal Medley skins for the DP-28, smoke grenade, Airplane, and Crowbar.
  • Venomous Skull skin for the Uzi
  • Cyber Enforcer outfit
  • Artyom outfit
  • Anna outfits
  • Miller outfit
  • Night Terror emote
  • Punk Rhino backpack
  • Metal Owl ornament
  • Night Terror outfit and headgear
  • Angry Chicken helmet

Metro Royale

PUBG Mobile Season 16 arrives on the heels of the new Metro Royale game mode.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Game Mode
GEAR UP: PUBG Mobile Metro Royale is a brand new challenge for players

This game mode shakes up PUBG Mobile gameplay to an entirely new style, with PVE encounters where players must kill enemies for loot to escape with.

The PUBG Mobile Season 16 Royale Pass features crossovers for Metro Royale including several Metro Badges.