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07 Jul 2020

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Trailer: Update 0.19.0 now LIVE, New Character, Vehicle Skins, Livik, Theme, Royale Pass & More

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Trailer: Update 0.19.0 now LIVE, New
Character, Vehicle Skins, Livik, Theme, Royale Pass &

An unofficial trailer doing the rounds was just the beginning of the huge excitement for the game's fans!

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Latest News - Update 0.19.0 LIVE

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When will Season 14 start?

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Royale Pass

If the excitement for Season 14 wasn't enough, Update 0.19.0 is now officially live!

The hype started exploding online when a leading PUBG Mobile Youtuber leaked what appeared to be an official trailer for Season 14.

Let's take a look at what you need to know!

Latest News - Update 0.19.0 LIVE

It's official, the highly anticipated update 0.19.0 is now live. The update brings with it some amazing new features, from new weapons all the way to a brand new map - Livik.

The map can fit up to 40 players - smaller than usual, but definitely intense. Make sure to grab the rapid fire P90 to get out of any sticky situations!

You can read our breakdown of the update right here.


On top of the leaked cosmetics that were recently dug up, there's now a leaked trailer seems to support that the theme of Season 14 will be ‘Spark the Flame’.

The trailer was leaked by YouTuber Mr Ghost Gaming, who has an impressive track record when it comes to predicting PUBG content.

The trailer is set in what looks like a Mad Max-inspired apocalyptic world.

Rather fittingly, you can see a car chase going on with some characters driving their purple-haired ‘boss’ through a desert.

The trailer doesn’t give too away much, but it goes a long way to confirm that we are going to see a lot of the in-game items inspired by fire, as well as the introduction of the latest map, 'Livik'.

When will Season 14 start?

PUBG Mobile tends to stick to a very precise schedule, meaning that we can actually predict when the new season will arrive.

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PROMISED IN WRITING: According to PUBG’s official twitter, Update 0.19.0 is primed to arrive on 7 July!

12 July is the date that sources point to as the current season’s end date and the date that Season 14 will begin.

However, we will be back with an update once we get a more specific window.

Royale Pass

The new Royale Pass will arrive alongside Season 14, so it should kick in anytime from the evening of 12 July to the morning of 13 July, dependant on your time zone.

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JAM-PACKED: Though it may set players back, the upcoming Royale Pass is expected to feature some insane extras

The Elite Royale Pass will only set players back 600 UC, and the Elite Plus Royale Pass will cost a whopping 1800 UC!

We’ve seen a few rewards, skins, and cosmetics get leaked out on some leading YouTube channels, but we're expecting some limited ones to come with the Royale Pass.