PUBG Mobile Season 14 LIVE: Royale Pass, Price, Update 0.19.0, Livik, Weapons, Map, Cosmetics, Leaks, Theme and More!

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PUBG Mobile has become a huge presence mobile gaming, and its newest season is finally here!

Let's go over all the details for PUBG Mobile Season 14.


Latest News - Season 14 is LIVE!

That's right, PUBG Mobile Season 14 is finally live, which means you can start grinding out the fully packed Royale Pass to unlock the many cosmetics and experience all the amazing new updates.

Update prevents cheaters taking advantage of spectator mode

A recent update to the game includes more measures to prevent players from gaining an unfair advantgae in the game.

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The game server will now be able to determine in real-time if a given player is visible in the view of the game host. It will then use that information to decide whether or not to transmit the location data to spectators.

This will surely be a relief to PUBG Mobile players, who want to enjoy the game on as level playing field as possible.


Season 14 Release Date

Season 13 will officially ended on 12 July.

PUBG Mobile new season14 content

BREATHE, AIM AND SHOOT - Practice your aim with each gun and find out which one is your favourite.

Season 14 has an official release date of 14 July and is now live!!

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This will last around 8-9 weeks and end in September, which is when Season 15 will begin, again bringing new gameplay and cosmetics - all in a new exciting theme!


New Season 14 Trailer

We have yet to get an official trailer for PUBG Mobile Season 14, but we did get an unofficial trailer from noted PUBG Mobile Youtuber Mr Ghost Gaming who has a history of accurately predicting PUBG Mobile content.

You can check out the exciting trailer below!

We can only hope this trailer accurately represents what's coming in Season 14, because it looks like a huge step up from the toy theme in Season 13.

New Season 14 Content Overview

Season 14 will bring a new Royale Pass with great cosmetics and a new theme for these skins to follow.


As well as this, we will see other cosmetics release
alongside the Royale pass. This can be for anything from your AK-47 to your
favourite vehicle.

As well as cosmetic updates, we’ll likely get a host of new gameplay changes.

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New map - Livik

After PUBG Mobile released some images, each with a different stamp that seemed to create a landmass, rumors of a new map started.

Those rumors have been confirmed!

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The new map, named Livik, will be coming into the game soon and we expect it to arrive with the 0.19.0 update and is EXCLUSIVE to PUBG Mobile.

The map features a ton of new buildings, areas, and landscapes to explore. Plus, for the adventurous out there, why not head to the map's waterfall - which you can actually jetski down if you wish.

The map is smaller in scale, allowing up to 40 players per session. Combine this with some of the new weapons, like the rapid-fire P90 and burst fire MK12, and you've got a seriously intense experience incoming!

Update 0.19.0

Speaking of the 0.19.0 update, it's finally live now!

pubg mobile season 14 update 0 19 0 1

Landing hot on 7 July, the update has brought with it Livik as well as a whole host of changes to shake things up in PUBG Mobile ahead of Season 14.

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Season 14 theme - Spark the Flame

Thanks to some content creators like Classified YT we know what the theme will be for the new season of PUBG Mobile. That theme is "Spark the Flame" - which we expect will bring flame-influenced skins and other cosmetics to PUBG Mobile Season 14.

season 14 spark the flame 1

SPARK THE FLAME: A promising name for an exciting season!

We've also had a glimpse as some of the skins, weapons, and cosmetics to come.


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Leaked skins, cosmetics, emotes

There will be a lot of cool stuff to unlock and earn in Season 14.

Some of the leaked cosmetics can be seen below.

pubg mobile season 14

SILVER SOLDIER: This one might stand out a bit too much, but the M24 will make up for it

pubg mobile pharoah 1

PHAROAH: Look like a god with this skin

pubg ace parachute

DROP ME: Arrive in style with this parachute

season 14 theme 1

Other cosmetics include a Commander skin, a male varient for the Pharoah, and other weapon skins.

Keep in mind that these are leaks, which means they might not be all that will come with Season 14, and remain unconfirmed so far.

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